The Book of Job [Part Three] God’s Expectation of Man

God said to Satan, “What do you think of my man Job? A man who fears, loves, and respects God, and hates evil, you, and all you represent.” (My paraphrase of Job 1:8) Satan didn’t think a whole lot of Job. As a matter of fact, he would have destroyed Job many years before this time if God would have let him. Do you get the jest of what Job is describing for us in this sentence. Satan does not have free will to kill the person who loves and respects his Lord. Do you realize, “If Satan had free will and could do what he wanted, he would have killed all of us as soon as we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.” He would have killed us to prevent us from spreading the Good News that Jesus Christ is the King of Glory and His desire is that all men would be saved. Friends, Satan can only do what God allows him to do and only then within the limits God sets for him. Those bad things that happen to you are all by God’s design to help you overcome the weaknesses in your life. Satan does not attack you in your strong areas. He attacks your weaknesses so you will either shore them up and make them stronger, or you will give up and let him have his way. If we are a Christian, we are not weak. We may be ignorant, but we are not weak. There is not another being in creation outside of the Godhead that is stronger or more powerful than the Christian. We have the same power working in us that worked in Jesus Christ and the early church. The only thing that prevents that power from being displayed in this world is our ignorance and our laziness. When God put us together we were a dynamo, a powerhouse just like God. Why do we not understand who and what we are? Because sin plagues us. God uses the one who would destroy us to build us up and make us strong so we can not only recognize the work of Satan, but we can learn to defeat him on our own.

It is as plain as the hair on your face that God believed Job would not fail Him despite what Satan could do to him. Do you think He has that same level of confidence in the modern-day church? I do. Why else would we be under attack from every direction Satan can think of to try to destroy God’s people? We are under attack from within, and without, and by every sinned filled heart in the world, but yet we stand, and in some parts of the world expanding despite the persecution. Do you think Job understood what was happening to him at the beginning of his trial? I don’t. But as he endured, he began to understand that God was in control despite what his body looked like, or the pain he felt. He was prepared to die rather than open his mouth and curse the God he loved. This is the point the modern-day church must come to if we are to become all that God has called us to be. If we did not need cleansing, we would not be in the hot furnace of life being purified from our sins. If God did not have confidence in us that we would emerge from this time of endurance as pure as freshly smeltered gold ingots ready to be made into fine jewelry or gold coins; we would not be in the fires of life. God believed Job would survive his ordeal, He believes the church will survive its ordeal and I believe I will survive this time as well. Satan is defeated but still useful to God. If that were not so, he would have ceased to exist a long time ago. DThrash


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