A Word to the Wise About Words

The words you speak carry all the authority you as a person possess. Your words are tied to your name and your name is tied to the words you speak. You are known not only by your name, but by your words. Your words describe to the rest of the world who you are as a person. You are not greater than your words, and neither are your words greater than your name. They are synonymous with one another. It is the same with God the Father and His Word. The Father is the author of His Words, thus His Word, the Words of Jesus carry the same power and authority as the Father, the One who spoke them.

Jesus said, “I and the Father are one.” [John 10:30] Jesus, who is the Word of God, meant, that what the Father commanded Him, He carried out. He didn’t try to exceed His Fathers commands, He couldn’t anyway; He fulfilled them exactly as the Father ordered. Do you get the jest of what Jesus said? The words you speak, good or bad, are exactly what takes place in your life. What you possess or don’t possess in life is the sum total of the words you have spoken. Your words cannot exceed the limitations of their authority, nor do any less than what you say. Your words paints a picture of you for all the world to see just like Jesus, the Word of God, came into the world to portray what His Father, and our God, is like. What we see Jesus, God’s Word doing in scripture is precisely what the Father commanded Him to perform so people could see the Father, through His Word, touching, loving, healing, freeing, feeding, and working in behalf of His people to make their life better.

God sent His Word into the world clothed in a fleshly body named Jesus, not because He hated you; but because He loves you. However, His Words are explicit, and demand obedience to them. God’s Word is the Christ, or Savior whom God named Jesus, and whom must become the Lord of our life. Or in other words, God’s Word must control our life if we are to reach our highest potential. It is when we fail to understand God’s intentions, and take His Word out of context, or try to exceed them, or, as the Apostle John said in the last chapter of Revelation, ‘add to God’s word’, we suffer the consequences of our actions. Remember when Jesus said in the beatitudes, “Let your yes, be yes, and your no, no. Anything more than this is sin.” [Matthew 5:37] What He was saying to us is do not try to exceed or add to your words because that is sin. It’s the same with God’s Word; trying to exceed, add, or take away from His Word, is sin. And sin calls for discipline because sin is rebellion, and rebellion carries with it an eternal death penalty. DThrash


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