The Carnival of Lies

Life is like a carnival in that it is filled with many things to grab your attention, but its ultimate purpose is to relieve you of your wealth, your health, and your sanity. I was in my teen years when I realized several things about the carnivals that came to visit our small town. The things that drew most people to the carnival was the lights and sounds and the promise of a thrill. While these things sound good to the natural man; it’s what they were masking that drew my attention. I found interspersed among the sights and sounds; booths housing games of chance. Games of chance are just that, games in which the chance of a person winning a major prize are slim and none. I wasn’t very bright as a child, but I knew games of chance are not set up for you to win. They all favor the one who holds the games. I also fished a lot as a kid; and to me a game of chance was like a hook covered by a juicy worm waiting for an unsuspecting fish to bite on it. What was perfectly obvious to me seemed to completely evade my friends as they handed over their hard-earned money to the hawkers. Don’t get me wrong, I went to the carnival like everyone else, and I still go to the carnival today when they come to town because I love the food and the thrills. P.T. Barnum said many years ago, “There is a sucker born every minute.” Well, my friend, take a wild guess and guess what business Ol’ P.T. was in? You guessed it; the fleecing business – I mean the circus business. And if anybody knew a sucker when he saw one, P.T. did. He knew men are blind as a bat to what is going on around them and dumb as an ox about other things. Weeks before he ever visited a community, he would post signs on every post and every tree lining the way to the fleecing pen in the community. In essence his signs told the town folks, “Listen up, suckers! I’m coming to take your money. I’ll be there on these dates.” And sure enough when the days arrived, the suckers were lined up toe to heel to fill every tent and booth. Grown men waiting impatiently to give him their money. Fool’s, all of them fools.

The fool doesn’t know it, but the world doesn’t care about them. It makes no apologies for knocking them down and kicking their ribs in because that’s the way the world operates. The world is chocked full of attractions for the tired and weary; all promising fun, entertainment, and a once in a lifetime thrill. Friends, how the world operates is designed to distract you long enough for the old fleecer’s of this world to kick you in the gut and relieve you of your hard-earned dollars. The fleecer’s no longer come once a year riding on a train advertising their wares on fence post and tree-lined streets like they once did. The thieves have graduated and set up permanent headquarters. They have built Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Casino Queens; theme parks, national parks, and ball parks. They have trams, scams, and internet poker plans, debit cards, credit cards, and banks with easy access. And after a person has been certifiably fleeced by the fleecer, there are the lawyers and bankruptcy courts to settle their debts. Wow! What a great place to live, raise a family, and learn the facts of life; a country governed by lawyers who protect the rights of crooks who fleece the fools.

Do you know how most people become a sucker? It is as plain as the nose on your face. It’s the lies we believe and the lie we live that keeps us bound, broke, and in debt up to our necks. The world is full of lies and liars, but it’s the lies ‘we believe’ that has allowed the company store to own our soul. As long as we continue to believe the lies we believe; we will always be a fool. The fool will never be free from the fleecer’s of this world if they continue to neglect the most important thing in life – and that is: God’s Word is truth; and anything that contradicts, adds to, or takes away from His Word is a lie. When you know the truth you will recognize things for what they are, and you will not get caught up in the lies of the world. Why? Because God’s Word exposes the holes in the lies a person believes. No lie is of the truth, and the truth can never become a lie. No lie, or any number of lies, can overcome the truth, but the truth will destroy all lies. Free people who have escaped the rat trap of lies that govern our world have anchored their soul to the truth of God’s Word. And the suckers and fools of this world who deny the existence of God and His Truth have attached themselves to a lie which in the end will lead them to a good fleecing before it destroys them. The desire of truth is and has always been to prosper you and add life to your life; while the lies that deceive you are designed to take away from your life and leave your life in shambles. All lies come from the father and author of lies, Satan, the enemy of your soul. His whole world system is built on lies and deception and his house of cards is in trouble and is about to come tumbling down. But you already know this is true because you read the newspapers and listen to the news, but still, if you don’t come to know what truth is, you will be destroyed right along with the house of cards that’s starting to crumble. You have to choose the road you follow. No one can do that for you. You can continue going to the carnival of distractions and being relieved of what you have, or you can choose to keep what’s yours and prosper in the midst of difficult times. It’s your choice. DThrash


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  1. Your carnival analogy is really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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