The Great Commandment

The great commandment in today’s society is, “Do as you please and if people don’t like it; we’ll pass a law and make it legal.” This kind of thinking may work in the world, but in the end it will get them nowhere. The thief is only sorry when he gets caught, so will be the ‘do as you please crowd’ when judgment day comes. Judgment Day, smudgement day, you believe in that nonsense? Take a look around you, if there is a God, He doesn’t care about us, nothing has changed in thousands of years. My dear friend, much has changed but you have been too busy to take notice of those changes. For one, society has changed. We have gone from being the greatest nation in the history of the world, to begging money from our enemies to pay our bills. If that isn’t change, I don’t know what is. And what was truly a free society is now bound by laws that give the perverted preference over the man who is morally inclined to do the right thing by his brother, even when that brother is doing things that are harmful to his being. If we neglect to tell our brother when he is entering into harms way, we are doing them an injustice. Even if they don’t want to hear our warning, they still have the right to be told. Any person who will let their brother enter into harms way without telling them of the pending danger, hates his brother. But our leaders now say, “That when we call out a warning to our brother, we are committing a hate crime against that brother.” When in reality, it is the ones who pass these dumb laws prohibiting such warnings that hates his brother and wishes him ill-will. It isn’t the one who warns them of pending danger that is a threat to their well-being, but the one who promises them protection from the one who would warn them – they are the people they should be afraid of. Yes, my friend, change has been taking place and the naturally brute beast in man is coming forth causing us to spiral downward faster than a bobsled down an icy slope.

The first and greatest commandment of all commandments is two-fold in nature and commands us to “Love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.” The second is to “Love our neighbor as we love ourselves.” These don’t seem all that hard to fulfill, but in reality they are the two most misunderstood commandments in the scriptures. First, the Christian seems to be confused by commandment number one. How do we love someone we can’t see with our whole being? Christians become confused when they try to separate God from His Word. And once confusion sets in, the Christian oftentimes have a hard time believing God even exists, or that He is concerned about their well-being. Let me clear this up using an absentee CEO as an example. Do many of us not work for absentee CEO’s who run the corporations we work for? Of course we do. But, do we have a problem with believing that person exists? No, we don’t. We don’t because we receive instructions via a memo from time to time and we obey the memo. If we can follow the instructions of a memo from an absentee CEO, why do we have trouble obeying God’s Word? I believe it is because we do not understand that it is when we obey God’s Word that we are loving Him with all of our being. God and His Word are One. Jesus, who is the Word of God [John 1:14] said, “I and My Father are One.” [John 10:30] Jesus couldn’t separate Himself from the Father anymore than the Father could separate Himself from His Word because they are One. So when the Christian is obedient to God’s Word they are obedient to God the Father and loving Him with all of their being. And if we truly love the Lord our God, then we will love our fellow-man as much as we love ourselves. Our thoughts will be on their problems as much as they are on our own because God is just as concerned about their problems as He is ours. If we do not love our neighbor as we do ourselves, we do not love God with our whole being because we are not being obedient to His Word. We cannot separate God from His Word and neither can we love God without loving His Word. When we carry our bible home from church and lay it on a dusty bookshelf, we are laying God on the bookshelf with it. Christians do these sorts of things because they either do not know what God’s Words says, or they are selfish and are only religious in nature. We might fool people like ourselves into thinking we love God with our whole being, but we don’t fool God. He knows who loves Him and who does not. If we love Him, He will do everything within His power to protect us when the enemy comes in like a flood, provide for us when our provisions are low, and to strengthen us when we are weak. That is what a Father does for the children He loves. DThrash


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