The Spirit Within

Man is a spirit who lives in a body and possesses a soul. We pay a lot of attention to the wants and needs of our body, but how many of us give any thought to the needs of the spirit within. Like the body, the spirit needs nourishment. The body needs natural food for fuel, and the spirit needs the Word of God to maximize its potential. If the spirit within does not receive a steady diet of God’s Word, it receives its nourishment from the guru’s of our educational institutions and the media moguls of this world whose job it is to make people believe whatever it is they are promoting. The average student graduating from one of our universities owes at least $20,000 in student loans that were used to pay for the right to be spoon fed garbage because that’s what the world tells them they need to survive in this world. What a lie? The paper they sign, to pay for the paper they hope to receive, does not guarantee them a steady stream of paper currency upon completion of their course of study. And while they are enrolled in these educational dump grounds of higher learning, they are taught a 101 ways to properly swallow the garbage of the world and keep it down. How then can man be expected to make rational decisions when they have been fed a steady stream of garbage? If the people who went to these educational guru’s and the media moguls for their understanding had eyes that see, they would know that the pictures they see of the poor children of this world scouring through trash dumps in search of food is a picture of a spirit that does not receive its nourishment from the Word of God, the source of life, or they would change their diet. But Satan has convinced most of mankind that what these educational guru’s and media moguls have to offer is the best they can hope for. Not so! There is real food available that is much more nourishing to the spirit within, but most of mankind has been on their garbage diet for so long they have come to think it’s rib-eye steak they are eating. In the movie Forest Gump, the young black man who was Forest’s friend, and a shrimp fisherman, I can’t recall his name at this time, said his momma had a thousand ways to fix shrimp, and in one scene he is seen naming them… this is the way Satan prepares the garbage he feeds mankind. He dresses it up a thousand different ways, gives it a thousand different names, and charges people thousands of dollars to purchase it, but it is still garbage regardless of what name it goes by, and there is no life saving nourishment in it.

Well, DThrash, now that you have ruined my day and offended most of mankind; what other thoughts are running around in that head of yours? I’m glad you asked. I am not saying receiving an education isn’t important. Everybody should know how to read, write, and do arithmetic; but being trained in the ways of the world has no eternal benefits. If anything their training will keep them out of heaven and cast into hell. What we feed our mind determines the things we pursue in life. If we are trained by these institutions and come to believe money makes the world go around, then we will pursue money and money becomes our god. But, if we think God is the creator of creation and has a plan for our life, then we will pursue God and let Him direct us in the way we should go. Man is faced with these choices. The one we choose to pursue determines where we will spend eternity. It is a personal choice, no one can make the choice for us, and we will give an accounting to God one day for the choices we make in this life.

I learned the hard way there are only two ways to do things. There is the worlds way which was my way for a long time and there is God’s way. My way got me into a pit I couldn’t get myself out of, but when I realized how severe my situation was and called out to God, He pulled me out of the pit and set my feet on the course I am following today. The worse day I have had as a Christian is far better than the best day I had before my Christian experience. I spent my money on learning how to make money and found it was a waste of time and expensive. I then learned to give, and through my giving God has blessed me tremendously. I had nothing when I started but a broken down car with a bent frame, a dog, and a paper bag with a change of clothes in it when I pulled into my brothers driveway one day thirty years ago. Since then the Lord has given me a wonderful wife, children who are a blessing, a business that keeps food on the table, clothes on our back, and a roof over our heads, cars, numerous friends, and the assurance of eternal life. What more could I ask for? Isn’t that what all men are seeking. I have been given everything I need and more. Besides all these other things the Lord has given me, I have been given the ability to tell others about the Lord and what He has done for me and I love doing it. Not only was the Lord willing to give me a second chance at life, He is willing to do the same for anyone else who wants to start over. And along with our second chance we receive a new diet that goes down easily while making us stronger spiritually than we ever thought possible. DThrash


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