Arise, and Do Not be Afraid.

The number one thing that keeps people from being successful in life to the degree God would have them succeed is fear. I know it doesn’t make sense, but people fear success more than they do the hardship that comes with running away from the work of God. They seem to think there is a happy medium between the two. There isn’t. Man was created to be the head who leads the way, not the tail that keeps the rear end clean. And those people who don’t understand who they are, don’t realize how silly they look to other people when their tail is where their head should be, and their head is where the tail should be. A tail was not designed to think, and a person’s head was not designed to wipe our butt or tell us where we’ve been, but some people think this is the way life is. What a crazy world we live in. Why some people would rather fall short in life than be saddled with the responsibility that accompanies success is a mystery. Surely these people do not understand it takes just as much work on their part to ignore success, as it does to succeed. I have always been of the thought, that if we are going to sweat, let it be for something that will stand the test of time and benefit us in the end, not something that is going to cause us more hardship and pain.

To help us understand where I am going with this subject, do you realize there are more talented world-class athletes walking the streets of this world than there are world-class athletes who have made a name for themselves? There are world-class evangelist walking the streets of our communities and living a sinners life who would be far more effective winning the lost for the Lord than those who are presently doing the job they were called to do. I don’t know if it is just laziness or something else, but it is apparent they do not understand that God has given every person a job to do, and whether or not we do it is up to us. However, just because we won’t do what we have been called to do, does not mean we are not responsible for seeing that the work gets done.

To clarify what I have written, the bible teaches, “The gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” [Romans 11:29] This directive came directly from God through the Apostle Paul and the first half means, God has assigned each person a job, and the second half of the sentence tells us, He expects us to do that job. Refusing to fulfill our obligation to Him is not an acceptable excuse. God’s business is the soul winning business, and every job in the kingdom of God is in someway connected to that business, and we have the responsibility to find out what our job assignment is, then go and do it. God will not accept our excuses for not doing what we have been called to do. So if we are fearful of success, we are telling Him, “I don’t want to do the job you have given me to do.” A very poor excuse indeed because He has told us, “I haven’t given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” So we better get over our fear and start fulfilling our call in life as we have been instructed because we were given a particular gift that accompanies our calling that will benefit of our fellow-man in his search for eternal life. So arise, and do not be afraid. God is on our side, and if we go to our job assignment, He will assist us in seeing that our work gets done. What a great God! DThrash



  1. What i discover troublesome is to discover a blog that may seize me for a minute but your blog is different. Bravo.

  2. DThrasher

    In part, I agree with your assessment. But sinner or not, fear keeps people from moving forward and locks them in the place they are. The church is full of people who sit, but have a call on their life to do great things for God. What keeps them in that seat? Is is sin, fear of failing, lack of desire, or lack of understanding? By whatever name you call it, they are not fulfilling their Godly obligation and our world is hurting because of their inactivity. But, I do appreciate your input. Thank You. DThrash

  3. I disagree a little bit with your opening statement: “The number one thing that keeps people from being successful in life to the degree God would have them succeed is fear.”

    I think that the number one “thing” is sin. The reason Christians do not allow God to make them “successful” is because deep down inside they know that they will be forced to confess old sins and stay away from new ones. People are not afraid of “success,” they love it. What they hate is that feeling in the gut that tells them they just blew a chance to do what God wanted them to because of a sin they just committed. So instead of repenting, getting up and trying again, they try to redefine success by claiming that God has called them to do something that doesn’t require them to give up their sins.

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