As He Is, So Are We To Be

Not many people realize that Christians have a specific job to do on this earth in the remaining time we have left. When Jesus came, the countdown to the end of time began. The primary objective of Jesus was to show the Israelites what God was like, how much the Father loved them, and what He so desperately wanted for them so they could get their life in order and go to be with Him when they died. Jesus wasn’t done yet, He had a bigger plan for His followers than just His coming. After He was crucified and rose again from the dead, He passed His commission along to His disciples with this statement, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every nation baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” [Matthew twenty-eight] The first century church understood their commission and did as they were instructed. But, the modern-day church is having a hard time understanding what it was the first century church did that made them so successful that they were called ‘Christians’ or ‘little Christ’, and were accused of, “Turning the world upside down for Jesus.” (My paraphrase)

1 John 4:17, John gives a clear understanding of the above when he states, “As He is, so are we to be in this world.” Everything Jesus did for man, He did because He loved them. He didn’t have to love them or do anything else He did in their behalf because they were sinners, rebels, and a disobedient people; but He loved them despite their weaknesses. So, in love, we are to love the sinner just as Christ loved us when we were yet in our sin. And because we are ‘Christians’ or ‘little Christ’, we are to imitate our Lord and Savior and love the sinner just as our Lord did. John continues this thought by saying, “That if we love God, we will love our brothers also.” If we want to please God, and I am sure we all do, then let us be about the Father’s business and show our love for the sinner just as our Lord and Master taught us. The bible also says, Jesus had compassion on the people and went from town to town meeting their needs. If we as ‘little Christ’ are fulfilling the mandate Jesus gave to His disciples on the morning of His ascension, we (the church) will do the same works Jesus did. We will feed the poor, heal the sick, cast out devils, speak in new tongues, and set the captives free. Along with the Good News that Christ died for the sins of the world, these works not only make up, but support the Good News Jesus preached. These works of God proved beyond a shadow of a doubt how much God loved the hurting people of Israel; and these are the works His disciples did to show the strangers of other nations the love of Christ; and these are the works the church is to be doing in our day to show God’s love to a hurting world. If we are not doing so, it is because we do not understand our commission. A ship is commissioned to carry precious cargo upon the high seas. A ship isn’t commissioned to sit in port and rust away. But for whatever reason, the Lord’s commission to the modern-day church isn’t being preached from our pulpits; we are content to stay in port, meanwhile, the precious cargo we have been given to deliver to the hurting people of this world doesn’t reach them, and as a result, people all around us are dying that could be saved, delivered, and set free. Our mandate from God isn’t something to be taken lightly; it is a direct order from the headquarters of God to the church body, ordering us to get involved in the lives of God’s people, and if it isn’t obeyed the disobedient one’s will face the consequences for their disobedience. In the military, if a person disobeys a direct order during wartime, that person can be shot for dereliction of duty. The church is involved in the war of the ages for the souls of men where some 1.5 million people die everyday who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How much more important then, is it for us to carry out the Lord’s commands. If we do not give them the aid they need to make a personal decision about following the Lord; God will hold the church accountable for their deaths. If you want a more thorough understanding of my last statement; read Ezekiel chapter 3 beginning in verse 17 through the end of the chapter. We are the Ezekiel’s of this day and age.

God gave the life of His only Begotten Son that the sinner could be saved from their sins. What that means is when the sinner confesses their sin and repents of them; the sin and the result of sin in their lives could be broken; they could be delivered and set free, not only of their sin but the results of that sin. Jesus set the captives free, His disciples set the captives free, and now it is our turn to do same for our brothers. It is time for the church to be the church and get started on the great commission beginning with our next door neighbor, our city, state, nation, and the outer most parts of the world. Hope is only lost when people do nothing. But when people are about the business of the Lord, our neighbors, cities, states, nation, and the world will be impacted and the religious one’s will say of us, “They are turning the world upside down.” As He is, so let us be. DThrash


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