Pro-Christ, Anti-Devil

I have had people ask me what whether I’m a Republican, Democrat, or belong to some other party, and I tell them, I belong to the other party, “I am a Christian, I am pro-Christ – and anti-devil.” I vote for the person I think will best represent my values regardless of what party they belong to. I read the information and voting patterns of each person and vote my conscience. Sometimes my person wins, sometimes they lose, but I pray for those elected. I am not always happy with the things elected officials do, as you can tell from some of my writings, and I am not happy with the direction our country is going, but the people who call themselves Christians have let this country change course, and until now they have said nothing about it.

Now that we have gotten so far off course that no one knows where we are or how to get back on course and the finger-pointing has started. Our leaders are like children blaming each other for our problems, but the problems began when the children of God grew complacent and slowly turned their hearts away from God, and when that happened the devil took the wheel and gave it a few spins and our course changed. The bible says, “Blessed is the country whose God is the Lord.” But, God isn’t really our Lord any longer, so, we are not really a Christian country. And God can’t bless us to the extent He wants to bless us because the church has turned their heart away from Him. As a result of this action, evil has overtaken us. However, there is hope if we will turn back to God, He will see that we overcome the evil that has gained control. As you know, life is like the outlay of a river. The water and the land are in a constant battle, and who wins depends upon the rains. The more rain that falls, the deeper the river gets and the water gains on the ground, the less rain that falls, the more land you see appearing as the water gives way to the soil. It is the same with our life; either we are making inroads into the devils territory or he is making inroads into ours. And right now, he is making inroads into the Christians territory because we are doing nothing to prevent his advance.

Under the guidance of Satan our country will continue on its present course drifting further and further away from our destination. Someone with good sense had better take the lead and make some sound decisions, otherwise we will drift into oblivion. The further off course we get, the fewer provisions will be available to meet the needs of everyone on board. We are already seeing our supply being depleted, and higher taxes will not solve our problems. So it doesn’t take an extremely intelligent person to figure out we have to make some changes if we are to end our journey successfully. Arguing and blaming one another will not settle our predicament. It’s time for rational thinking. God’s favor is constant. So, if we want to get our ship on course again there is a need for repentance by God’s people to ask Him to forgive us for allowing our ship to get so far off course. We can’t blame the heathen for doing what comes natural to them. We are the one’s who turned control of our destiny over to them. My question is, why did the church let blind men have control of our future in the first place? God gave the road map of life to His children; we have the eyes that see, so, why did we think spiritually blind people who can’t see the map of life could get us to our destination without getting lost? Well, we have learned the hard way; they can’t. Jesus said it this way, “When the blind lead the blind, they both fall into a ditch.” We are in a ditch which is nothing more than a grave with both ends kicked out. We are facing a, “Houston, we have a problem” type situation. And, if we are to get back to where we got off course to resume our journey, it is going to take men with a clear vision and God’s help to get us there.

Fellow Christians, let us look within our own heart, for it is there the road map lies, and it is also there we will find the culprit who allowed us to get this far off course. Our sin of laziness allowed Satan to remove prayer from the schools, legalize abortion, remove God from our textbooks, limit our freedom, and destroy our economy. So, when we pray, don’t begin by praying for the heathen; they are only doing what comes natural to them. Begin by asking God to forgive us of our great sin, then repent and ask Him to once again influence the hearts of His people to return to Him and let Him be who He is, so we can be who we are supposed to be, and do what we are supposed to be doing; “Using the road map He gave us to lead blind men into the light of Christ, where they can receive their sight, and become qualified to lead God’s people onto the path we are to follow.” No, I am not a Republican or a Democrat because there are blind people in both parties who don’t have a clue where we are headed, much less how to get the ship turned around so we can return to the point we got off course. But, Christ not only knows how to get us where we are going, He knows where the provisions are that will sustain us on our journey until we arrive at our eternal destination. You may call yourself a Republican or a Democrat, but if you are a Christian, you are neither. You can’t put your faith in men who are more loyal to their political party than they are to their constitutents and Christ. We are members of the Body of Christ, and we are to follow the Lord to the best of our ability. Have a blessed day in the Lord. DThrash


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