Bring Them To Me

Jesus said, “Nothing is impossible to him who believes.” But instead of believing, “All things are possible.” People look at what they don’t have and tell themselves, “This is an impossible situation.” And when a person starts thinking they can’t do something, they won’t try. Now let’s look at a situation in the bible the disciples of Jesus thought was impossible. In Matthew 14 Jesus told His disciples to feed five thousand men, not counting the women and children who were following them. The first words out of the mouth of the disciples was, “This is a deserted place, the hour is late, send them away.” In essence they were saying to Him, “This is impossible.” And this is what the majority of Christians think about the problems of the hurting people in our communities. Then we wonder why they are not beating down the doors to our churches to come in and worship with us. They don’t come in because they know we are short on help and long on excuses. They know God will keep His Word. They know God performs miracles just as the people in this story knew Jesus did miracles. It’s the people who call themselves Christians the sinner don’t trust. Because they don’t come to church when we invite them; we call them hard-hearted and evil. When in fact, we need to start looking at what we are not doing that keeps them away from our churches. Of course, it’s always easier to blame someone else for our shortcomings than it is to accept responsibility for them. Jesus never called the unbelievers hard-hearted; He said they were lost sheep who needed a shepherd. He called the religious people hard-hearted and stiff-necked. The lost serve no god, they have no religious preference, and they do what sinners do because they are sinners. It’s the religious people who fight against God and who try to stop His Word from going forth in the world. Sinners know there is more to life than what they are experiencing; that’s why they frequent the places they go. They are looking for help, but looking for it in all the wrong places. The places they frequent can provide a form of temporary relief, but in the long run it does them more harm than good. If God has told us to do a certain thing as He did His disciples in this story, He does so because He intends to assist us in taking care of the problem. He has commanded the church to do many things, but we don’t do any of them because we think they are impossible. The sinner sees how we respond to God’s commands and are disappointed just like the people in this story were disappointed when they heard what the disciples said to Jesus. What the disciples said was true; they were in a deserted place where there was no food, and the closest store was a good ways off. This wasn’t news to Jesus, He knew exactly where they were when He told them to feed the people. If it wasn’t possible for them to feed the people, Jesus wouldn’t have told them to do so. They saw their shortcomings, He saw the possibility of many souls being saved. Which leads to the question, “What are we seeing when the lost come to us for help?”

It’s time for the church to stop making excuses and get about the Father’s business. If we will do what we have been instructed to do, we won’t be able to keep the lost sheep away from our churches. They couldn’t stay away from Jesus anymore than a fly can stay away from honey because they knew He could help them. He still can. The lost sheep still have problems and the sinner is still looking for help. That’s why Jesus instituted the church. The church is here to help the sinner find their way to Him. We are here to meet their needs, whatever that need might be. And when we run into a need we can’t help them with, Jesus is still saying to us, “Bring them to me.”  DThrash


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