Dark and Light

Darkness and light are polar opposites and are used throughout scripture to describe the forces of good and evil. We know Light is the stronger of the two forces because when we turn a light switch on in a dark room, the darkness flees, and everything that was hidden in the dark becomes easily viewable. Stay with me now. We are talking about man’s ability to understand spiritual concepts which are represented in the bible as ‘light’ (the opening of our understanding) and ‘darkness’ (areas in which we lack knowledge). Since we are talking about spiritual concepts, God who is Light opens our understanding when we are born-again, and Satan who is the Deceiver operates in the areas in which we lack knowledge to prevent us from gaining the knowledge that will keep us out of hell. Some people might know this, others may not, but throughout the New Testament different writers used light (something we understand) to describe the power of God and His ability (something we don’t understand) to cause Satan (who operates in the areas in which we lack knowledge,) to flee when God who is Light comes into our life. Hence, darkness flee’s from the presence of light. For example, in Mark 5:7, a demon, or one of Satan’s cohorts, said to Jesus, “What have I to do with you, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I implore you by God that you do not torment me before the time.” Now the demon talking to Jesus was apparently the leader of a legion of demons in this person because when Jesus asked what the demon’s name was, the demon said, Legion, meaning two thousand. Just like today, the people who lived in the surrounding communities were aware of this man, but they could not see the demons in this person, however, they could see their actions and their hatred of his fellow man through the life and deeds of this person. The people of that time knew the man was demon-possessed, but today people don’t like to admit there are such things as demons, so we would say he was mentally ill and treat him with pills. The ‘Light’ knew this man wasn’t mentally ill, he was full of ‘Darkness’ and he had travelled by boat through a storm to expose the darkness, and to let the Light of Love shine into this mans being thereby showing the greatness of God and the weakness of Satan to the people of the surrounding communities. He later went back and held a great revival among the witnesses. 

Up to this point in the story, Jesus (who is Light) had not said a word to the demons, but the demons in this man knew Light was present even before Jesus said a word, He (the Light) was going to make them (from the kingdom of darkness) leave their human dwelling place. The concern of the leader of these demons was not on trying to stay where they were, but where He was going to send them. This story very clearly illustrates for us that the demons living in this man didn’t want to go to hell, and if they don’t want to go to hell, “What could possibly possess a man to make him want to go there?” My guess is – the demons know hell is an eternal place of torment and man with his darkened understanding thinks its a party place. I know people think God forces men to go to hell, that’s not true. Men choose to go to hell because they reject God’s offer to save them from that place. God has no qualms about sending Satan and his crowd to hell, but it breaks His heart everytime a man is thrown into it because man is made in His image, and His Son died so that all men might be saved.

The Apostle John said this of God in [1 John 1:5], “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.” To help us understand what John is saying, let us once again use the flipping on of a room light switch to illustrate a spiritual truth. Light enters and darkness flee’s, and until the light of understanding comes into our inner-most being, our understanding of spiritual matters is full of darkness. But when the light of the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ penetrates that darkness, light floods our soul, understanding comes, we repent, and are born-again. When those events take place, our understanding of spiritual matters is illuminated, and we see the hidden things clearly. Things so fascinating that we wonder why we couldn’t see those wonderful truths before. The truth is, those truths were there all the time, hidden by the darkness that caused us to keep tripping over them, and until light penetrated our darkened soul, full realization of what truth is wasn’t opened to us. But once our understanding was opened, the wow factor hit us like a ton of bricks and for the first time, we could see clearly enough to navigate through this world without stumbling over everything in our path.

* Comments are welcome. However, opposing viewpoints that lack scriptural support will not be approved for viewing. DThrash


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