God Rested on the Seventh Day

The bible tells us in Genesis 2:2 , “…God rested on the seventh day from all His work He had done.” What was God so busy doing that He needed rest? Why brother, you know, He was bringing creation into existence. Well, okay, that’s what the bible teaches, but why did God need a physical creation when He is Spirit? Spiritual beings were around a long time before man came on the scene and they got along just fine before, so, why did God decide to start creating an environmentally controlled planet called earth that possessed a heavens, a sun and moon to provide heat and light, and stocking it with plants and animals, precious jewels, gold, silver, oil, and such? Why were these things necessary? Keeping that thought in mind; I don’t do anything without a reason. As a matter of fact, I don’t know anyone who does things just for the sake of doing things. Are you with me? So, when God started creating all the above listed things; could it be that He had a reason for doing so? Could it be that He was building a home for His children and stocking it with everything they would need to survive for eons to come? If that is true, then what the evolutionist tell us is all wrong because their theory is that man was an after-thought and came into existence by happenstance and was not the reason for creation. But, yet, everything in creation is in perfect harmony and supports the life of man. What are the chances of happenstance creating a suitable habitat for humanity such as we have? None, and zero. I am an observer of people and I have also noticed that when people who believe in evolution build homes, they build them to suit their needs. I wonder where the idea to build homes to meet our needs came from? Do you think these wonderful ideas came out of nowhere, they just popped into our mind one day? I don’t. And the reason I don’t believe in their evolution theory is based upon our own actions. If we are the offspring of God, and I believe we are because He tells us we are, then we must think, at least in some ways, like our Father thinks. Most people understand that before we ever start building a project, plans are drawn up and approved before the first shovel full of dirt is removed. Mankind knows we can’t just throw a bunch of sticks together in a pile where we want a building to appear believing some day those sticks will turn into our dream home. That’s utter nonsense, and we know that over time those sticks are going to return to their natural state from which they came. So, what do we do instead of piling sticks in our yard hoping for a home? We go over the blueprints of our building project, room by room and line by line, until we are sure everything is just the way we want it to be before we give our final approval. If this is the way we do things because it’s the right way to do things, I wonder why some people find it hard to believe that God wasn’t thinking along these same lines when He built our home?

My next question is, “If God spent six days, or six hundred years, or six million years creating a home for His children, why do people spend six-days living for themselves, and give Him two hours on Sunday morning thinking we have fulfilled our obligation to Him?” If my relationship with Him is about us, He and I, why do I spend so much time thinking about me and mine? Do you think He finds our relationship strange? Six days a week, I think about me and mine, but, I give Him a couple of hours on Sunday morning. Am I a selfish person for wanting to make sure my family is fed and clothed? It’s okay, you can be honest. Is what I think is important; wrong? I think so. I know I can tell you from the standpoint of my marriage; if I tried to pull that ‘me and mine’ stuff’ on my wife, we wouldn’t stay married very long because she wants my undivided attention. And that’s only fair because she is the mother of my children and a good father will pay attention to the needs of all concerned if we are to be happy and stay committed to one another. I learned the hard way before our children were born; that when one party is unhappy, the other party becomes unhappy. And two unhappy people are two miserable people spoiling for a fight. Now, if I am selfish and only think about myself and my needs and completely ignore the needs of my family, I more than likely will wake up one morning and find myself without a family. You know what I mean? It’s difficult for selfishness and love to dwell in the same house. That’s why there are so many divorces in our country. I believe God views our relationship with Him the same way I view my relationship with my wife and children. Furthermore, I believe my marriage to my wife should be a reflection of my relationship with my God. When we were born-again, God came to live in us, so, in a sense we were married to one another on that day. I said, I repent, and I will love you for all of my life, and He said, I will bless you and all that you do. That’s a marriage vow is it not? But yet we completely ignore the one in us and give favor to our own wants and desires. If this is our situation; we are a very selfish person, and do we really think we are pleasing to the one who spent years creating a home for us and stocking it with everything we would ever need? Shouldn’t we in some way show our appreciation for what He did for us? I think we should. I don’t believe God is pleased with selfish people because for all intents and purposes we have divorced Him in favor of serving ourselves. If we are serving ourselves, we have made ourself god by exalting our desires above His needs. Since most people’s view of God is distorted, they don’t have a clue what He desires. But, He needs us as much as we need Him. It’s true. My bible says, “God is a jealous God.” Well, why would God be jealous? He is jealous because we become so involved with our life and what we consider to be our needs that we leave Him out of it altogether. Brothers and sisters, I need my wife and children as much as they need me. We are co-dependent upon one another to make us a family unit. Something was missing in God’s life that created a desire in Him to produce children. And there is something missing in each of us until we produce offspring. A part of us is missing until our children come along and we can hold them in our arms lavishing upon them all the love we have in our heart for them. This kind of loving relationship is modeled after our relationship with our Heavenly Father whether we know it or not, and that kind of relationship meets the needs of both the father and the child. So, if this is the reason it took God so lovingly long to build a home for us, why do we not give the time and love He is worthy of back to Him? We might just be surprised at how much our lives would change for the better. 

* Comments are welcome. However, opposing viewpoints that are based on reason rather than scripture, will not be shown. DThrash


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