God is a Family Friendly God

Many people are of the idea that God is anti-family and that He is ready to club us over the head for the least little mistake we make. Which leads me to ask the question, “If God is anti-family, why would He send His Son into the world to die for mankind so man wouldn’t have to go to hell?” The two thoughts don’t go together. Either God is family friendly or He is against man. We can’t have it both ways. He gets blamed for every destructive thing that happens in this world, but He is not the destroyer, He is the comforter. There is one who is called the destroyer, the one who drives us out of our comfort zone. So the people who don’t know the Son of God as their Savior do not realize God is family friendly. I say this because He made a family and took care of them before sin ever entered the picture. He is still the same family friendly God today He has always been.

Do you remember what the angel said to the shepherd’s when he was announcing the birth of Jesus? The angel brought the announcement, “Peace on earth, goodwill toward man.” What the angel told the shepherds is that God is not mad at mankind, and peace and goodwill have been extended to us through the birth of His Son, Jesus, the Christ. Since the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can have the God kind of peace in the midst of our trials. Before the birth of Christ there was no peace on earth, at least not the God kind of peace. “Goodwill toward man,” means God extended His hand of blessing to His highest creation. If we accept God’s offer of peace, the goodness of God or God’s goodwill rests upon us. Of course, we have the option of rejecting God’s peace and God’s goodwill and remain the same old wretched miserable person we have always been. But if we are sick and tired of our life; God is more than willing to help us change it. All He asks of us is to reach out to Him and submit to Him. He has made it as simple as He can for us to be blessed by Him. DThrash


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