Whose Fault Is It?

Before I became a Christian, I had no idea that the Son of God died for me so that I might enjoy eternal life. As far as I knew, Jesus was just some dude from Israel who died on a cross a long time ago because He was a good man. Since becoming a Christian I have learned there are many people who think like I used to. They don’t have a clue who Jesus really is and why it was important for Him to die the death He did. Why do we not do a better job of helping the unbeliever understand why Jesus died and why the church places so much importance upon His death? After all, isn’t that the gospel? Whose fault is it? Not the sinner who does what comes naturally.

The second thing I have learned is sinners don’t see themselves as being sinners until God points out to them they must come to Jesus for forgiveness if they want to inherit eternal life. Before I was saved, I didn’t see myself as a sinner because everyone I knew, except for a few folks, were doing the same kinds of things I was doing, and that included preachers kids. I ran around with people whose dad’s were preachers, but they didn’t have a clear understanding of what a sinner is either. Oh, they may have heard from their parents that sex, drugs, and alcohol was wrong, but that didn’t keep them from engaging in those activities, and it was clear they didn’t understand why it was wrong and why they needed to please God rather than rebel against Him. Whose fault is it? Not the preachers child which was not told why sin was wrong.

The church must do a better job of explaining what sin is and why sin is wrong and not just tell people to stop sinning. Most people don’t have a clue what sin is because it isn’t explained to them in terms they can understand. We must do more than just tell our young people not to have sex before marriage, we must explain to them why sex before marriage is wrong in God’s eyes. We must do more than tell our children drugs is wrong, we must explain to them why drugs is a bad idea and what it does to our body and our future. We must do more to inform our congregations why abortion is wrong. We must explain to them that abortion is the taking of an innocent life, murder is a better description, and that Satan always attacks the young, the old, and the helpless. God destroyed nation after nation because they sacrificed their young in hopes of having a better life, a better crop etc. Isn’t that the same reason we abort our children? We want a better life, a career, and the unborn, the pre-born, are the sacrificial offering we make to obtain that life. And after medical science has taken all they want out of the dead child, do they not incinerate them like any other piece of rubbish they no longer have a use for? Whose fault is it? Not the abortionists whom we paid to do the evil deed.

The church must stop electing corrupt politicians who are in office only to steal from the people and usurp power to benefit themselves. It’s time the church became the church and not just an extension of some social club whose intent is to please people instead of the one who established her to bring honor and glory to His name. Whose fault is it? Not the politician because we put them in a place where they could abuse their power.

I have also learned the church has to stop pointing fingers at other people for our mistakes and our faults. It’s time the church stepped up to the plate and accepted responsibility for our past and present mistakes, ask God to forgive us of our sins, and move forward before we get swallowed up right along with rest of the world when Jesus returns for His true church. Who will we blame then? No excuses will be accepted! DThrash



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  25. The ladies in my group spent an hour talking on this subject last night. I’ve even gotten two emails about it today. It’s a hot topic.

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