Come Expecting

I have been to some professional baseball games and I always went with the expectation of seeing something great take place during that game. Some times I was disappointed, other times I wasn’t. I was at the Cardinal Braves game when Rafael Furcal turned an unassisted triple play. That play will always be in my mind as one of the greatest plays I will ever see at a baseball game. Another time I was at a high school girls basketball sectional championship game and the team I was rooting for was down 13 points with about 3 minutes left to play. They made a come back and on the last shot of the game still down by two, one of the guards heaved the ball from the left side at mid-court and banked it in for the winning basket. One side of the gym was elated, the otherside was in shock at what they had just witnessed. But these kinds of activities at sporting events are what make them worth the money people pay to go watch them. Just a couple of weeks before that last story took place I was at a game along with 3,500 other fans when this same team was going for their 29th conference win in a row. They were down two with five seconds left to go. The other team keyed on the star player who had already scored about 45 points in the game. As soon as she crossed half-court, two or three opposing players ran up to guard her and she passed the ball of to a girl that never shot much who was wide-open and behind the three point line… she let go with a picture perfect shot that looked good even from the other end of the court. She swished it and the Michigan State coach who was there watching the star player on our team jumped straight up in the air pumping her arm as excited as everyone else in the place at what she just witnessed. She was not only astonished by the shot but the number of people present at a girls high school basketball game.

People go to sporting events expecting something to happen… why don’t we go to church with that same expectation? We serve the most exciting person in all of creation who performs a multitude of miracles everyday, but we hardly ever acknowledge Him. As a result we leave the church in the same condition we came. We go to church sick, broke, and frustrated and leave the same way. Why? God is there to meet our every need, but we go expecting nothing to happen and nothing happens. It’s a shame. If sporting events were no more exciting than our church services there would not be a single person show up to watch them. 

Jesus came and made things happen and people forgot about their problems and followed Him everywhere He went. But, today’s church seems to think He’s dead and doesn’t care about us any more. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus is alive and He is still the same today as He was back then. [Hebrews 13:8] His desire is to work through His church body to turn the world upside down, but the church won’t let Him because the church doesn’t really know what the Lord wants to do through them so they do nothing while we watch our friends and neighbors die before their time. I can tell you this does not please the Lord and one day He is going to ask us, “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and not do what I say.” [Luke 6:46] DThrash



  1. DThrasher

    Life is like a game of hide and seek in that people hide to do harm to themselves, but to find life they must seek the life giver who said, “I will be found when you seek me with your whole heart.” So is the drunk really lost or hidden? No. He knows his way home and his his deeds are open and subject to public opinion. When the drunk decides to change his hiding place, the life giver will be there to give him direction. The only drunk that is lost is the one who never changes his hiding place.

  2. Timeless info. I can’t tell you how often we discuss topics like this in group. If drunks are seekers why are they so lost. And if they are just hiding, why do they always get found.

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