Originally written by DThrasher on 3/29/2008
Do I go for the gusto as the old saying goes? Or, do I let the gusto come to me? Since the word gusto is referring to life, the question is do we make the determination of what our life is going to be? Or does life determine what we will do and become? We are doing the one or the other. The person who lets life come to them will settle for what it throws at them. But the person who gets the most out of every waking moment and sets the limits on what he will and will not settle for, can affect change in the things around him. Since life in the natural man flows out of us and not into us, we have the right to determine how much external influences affects our life. That is why the person who thinks they can let life come to them will always suffer the affects of what it throws at them. Man has the capability of changing the things around them they don’t like, but if they won’t change the things affecting their life, those things will change how they live. Most people fall into the second category of people who let life come to them and by their very actions they get worn down after a relatively short period of time. Man was born to rule in life, he wasn’t made to be ruled over. If we live life to the fullest and affect change in the things around us, we reign, but if we let our life be dictated by outside influences which includes other people as well as circumstances, we are being ruled over. Man was born a king, but most live as serfs. Why is that? Is it because we are just naturally lazy and don’t want the responsibility of fulfilling our role in life?  Or, are we ignorant of what our role is to be? What we know and what we do with that information determines the course our life will follow. We cannot act upon information we do not possess, and we will never become an overcomer in life until we refuse to be overcame. Our life really begins the moment the hunger for life takes affect. Nothing changes for the better until a desire for change is formed in our heart of hearts. And once that internal desire takes root, change will come. However slowly change may begin, change will come and it will pick up speed the longer we stay the course. But, if we never desire change, change still occurs on our external person and within our inner being, but not necessarily in the manner we will like.
The life within us is a river of life to the things around us; and if we get that role reversed we are adversely affected both externally and internally. The life that lives in us is eternal and everything outside of us is temporary, and the temporary things around us draws their life from the eternal source within us. I know some people will think that is far fetched, but think about it for a moment. Our natural body draws its sustenance from the temporary things living on this earth, while our internal life gives birth to new ideas that keeps life flowing into the existing things that support our natural bodies. The internal source of life within us uses the natural resources of this earth to shelter, feed, and cloth our natural bodies, but our internal being replaces those natural things so they are in a never ending supply. I am not talking about the natural resources such as gold, oil etc, which are in limited supply, and of which men of greed extort from other men for the privilege of possessing; and which are luxuries that are not needed to support or provide the creature comforts of our natural bodies.
There are a multitude of books written on the power of positive thinking and confession that if followed will change our lives. It has been proven time and time again, what we think, say, and do, determines the outcome of our situation. So once again, we see that the power to think and act will change external circumstances or the external forces that apply themselves against us. However positive thinking and speaking by themselves will not change our eternal destination, but they will affect change in our circumstances. If positive thinking and confession will affect change in our circumstances for the better, negative thinking and confession of which most people are acquainted affects our life adversely. If we want to change our circumstances, we have to change the way we think and speak. If want to change our eternal destination, we have to submit to the the source of eternal life and request to be accepted into His family.
In the Book of Revelation we are told there is a River of Life that flows out from under the throne of God and gives life to the Tree of Life that bears twelve manner of fruit each year for the healing of the nations. The River of Life that flows out from God is the thing that supernaturally touched the life of man in the beginning, but was shut off when Adam sinned, was reconnected to Christians when Christ came and died. If we do not understand where the source of life is located, we can be affected by things that have no power over us, but if we know life is within us, we can change our life and the lives of other people as well. In the Gospels we see Jesus using the life that was in Him to teach and change the lives of those He came into contact with. The Gospels gives us a glimpse of the power that lives within each born again believer, and what that power is capable of doing when it is released into the world around us. Man has been given a natural power that resides within him and when coupled with the supernatural power or anointing of God’s power is added to it, the combined power of both will trump all power in both the spiritual and natural realms because we are drawing our power straight from the power source itself. Natural man can function quite well in this life with the life source that is within him if he uses it to change his life and the circumstances that confront him, but if we go the extra mile and combine the power of life within us with the power of Life that flows into us from God, we become a special creature in the eternal kingdom. So let us go for the gusto in life and make a difference not only in our own life, but in the world in which we live. People in this world are crying out for world peace, not understanding that peace comes from within us, and if we have no peace within ourselves we cannot reproduce peace in the things we want to change. Peace is a by-product of life, and if we do not understand that life is within us, we cannot give away what we do not know we possess. Therefore let life live big in us and the by-products of life such as peace and power and joy will be available to share with others. DThrash


  1. DThrasher

    I believe you must be speaking of the River of Live and the Tree of Life talked about in the last paragraph.

    According to the Apostle John who wrote the book of Revelation, his Gospel and three epistles, God is the source of all life in His heavenly and earthly kingdom, and that Life flows out from His Throne in the form of His Word which is called the Tree of Life in the Book of Revelation, and God’s Word sustains the livlihood or is the nourishment of God’s creation, (John’s Gospel chapter one) and the Holy Spirit is the omnipotent power of the Father who anoints or empowers the Word of God or the Tree of Life and causes it to prosper in God’s Kingdom as the Father wishes. (John’s Gospel)

    This is a lot clearer in my understanding than the words I have written to describe what I know, but hopefully I have been clear enough that you get the jest of what I have said. There is the Father who is the source of life, there is the Son who is the sustainer or nourishment of life, and there is the Holy Spirit who is the power of life. These three work together to keep life and order in God’s kingdom. DThrash

  2. excellent article,however i experience some difficulty in understanding the last paragraph, can you please explain a little bit indepth?

  3. YES! I finally found this web site! I’ve been searching for this article for so long!!


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