The Bride of Christ

Since the church of Jesus Christ is going to be the future BRIDE OF CHRIST let us see who we are going to be wed to, and what we have to do to be included in the Bride that will sit beside the KING OF GLORY on His Throne to rule and reign eternally over God’s Kingdom. [John 1:1 & 14] tells us, “In the beginning was THE WORD and THE WORD was with GOD, and THE WORD WAS GOD… THE WORD BECAME FLESH (JESUS) AND DWELT AMONG US (mankind) and we beheld HIS GLORY…” The Words on the pages of our bibles is God in printed form, and the writer of Hebrews tells us in chapter four of that same book that the WORD IS ALIVE AND POWERFUL… The Apostle John told us, THE WORD IS GOD and he also tells us, THE WORD OF GOD took upon itself a FLESHLY BODY NAMED JESUS; and dwelt with men. The human part of THE WORD OF GOD (Jesus) was, is, and will always be, perfect and pure, and was killed as a sacrifice for the sins of man. The human body (Jesus) was resurrected after the WORD OF GOD returned from hell victorious over death, hell, and the grave. THE WORD OF GOD once again took upon Himself His earthly body with the spear wound in its side and the nail holes in its hands and feet as evidence that THE WORD OF GOD had lived on the earth and dwelt among men. Even the unbelievers know that Jesus was a real person who did many wonderful deeds during His earthly life. God said inside that earthly body He named Jesus lived the ANOINTED ONE OF GOD (the Christ) hence the name Jesus Christ, or Christ Jesus as He is referred to after His resurrection. Before the crucifixion of the human body of the Word of God He took upon himself the sins of the world and paid our penalty for our sin. Jesus was the portion of the Word of God that men seen and was listed first, but after the WORD OF GOD RETURNED FROM HELL and took on the body of Jesus the second time and ascended into heaven, where He ASSUMED HIS RIGHTFUL POSITION OR PREMINENCE in the kingdom of God. We cannot get His name wrong whether we call Him, Jesus Christ, or Christ Jesus because we are talking about the same person. The WORD OF GOD is GOD and when Jesus returns to earth, He will return as, “THE WORD OF GOD, KING OF KINGS!” not as Jesus the man. [Revelation 19:11-16]
Now that we understand who THE WORD OF GOD, was, is, and will always be, let us move on to the next point. It is impossible to separate Jesus from the WORD OF GOD, but many people think they are separate beings. They THINK they can serve Jesus without studying THE WORD OF GOD. That is an impossibility since they have become one and the same. They are not interchangeable entities. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t be faithful to one without being faithful to the other. In fact, the only way a person can serve Jesus is by obeying THE WORD OF GOD. The person who attends church but does their own thing, and thinks they are heaven bound lacks understanding. Jesus, who is the WORD OF GOD, said in [Luke 6:46] “Why do you call me Lord, Lord (Jesus), and not do what I (THE WORD OF GOD) say?”
A person who claims to be saved and serving Jesus, but does things their way is a spiritual prostitute. With their mouth they say they are Christian, but their actions call them a liar. Their thinking is flawed. They don’t study the bible so they don’t know that it was to THE WORD OF GOD they pledged to love, honor, and obey on the day they went forward to receive Jesus as their Savior. In case you don’t know what you actually committed to on the day you asked Jesus who is THE WORD OF GOD into your heart; let me explain: “You pledged yourself to JESUS, THE WORD OF GOD and made a public confession before God and man to love, honor, and obey THE WORD OF GOD. Jesus isn’t any longer on the earth in bodily form, but He is here in the form of THE WORD OF GOD, And in case you don’t realize it, that oath you took is recorded in the annals of heaven just the same as a marriage license is recorded at the county records office where the marriage license is issued. When you asked Jesus who was the earthly body for THE WORD OF GOD to come into your life and make something of it, you made a promise before God to love, honor and obey the WORD OF GOD all the days of your natural life.” Does this sound familiar? Our earthly marriage vows are predicated upon the same premise we make to THE WORD OF GOD. We promised our beloved wife that we will love her through everything that life may throw at us. We also promised her that we would stand with her, protect her, and cherish her all the days of our life. And if either of us breaks that commitment by having an affair with another person, that sexual encounter is grounds for divorce in any court in the nation. We call that extra marital affair, adultery, but we are actually prostituting ourselves with another person whether there was any money involved or not. And let us understand something else; God the Father doesn’t forget the vows we made before Him to let THE WORD OF GOD BE KING OF OUR LIFE. When we walk away from His Son, THE WORD OF GOD or break communication with THE WORD OF GOD so we can do our own thing, we are committing spiritual adultery or spiritual prostitution with someone other than the one we pledged ourselves to. Just as an extramarital affair is grounds for divorce on earth, so is being unfaithful to THE WORD OF GOD whom we promised to love, honor and obey all the days of our life.
It might also help us if we understand there are only two beings mankind can have an affair with; they are the WORD OF GOD, and Satan. When we asked Jesus, THE WORD OF GOD to save us, we were asking Him to save us from the control Satan had over our life. There are no others parties involved in our spiritual lives. If we are not honoring our commitment to THE WORD OF GOD; do we really think we will be seated beside Him on His throne and presented to creation as His GLORIOUS BRIDE? If we do, we are fools. Who wants an unfaithful prostitute for a wife? If men don’t want a prostitute for a wife, why do we think the Holy One of God will settle for a cheap prostitute for His wife? The Words on the pages of our bible are more than just words on a piece of paper. They are the guidelines for men to learn how to live the way God lives while we are on this earth. And between the covers of our bibles there are written instructions on how to prepare ourselves to be a part of the future Bride of the WORD OF GOD. 
God’s Word tells us the Bride of Christ will be pure and spotless without blemish just as the Word of God is without spot or blemish. His Bride will face all the harsh cruelties He faced on this earth and overcome them just as He overcame. She will be tested and tried and found faithful to Him, just as He was tried and found faithful to His Father. The Bride of Christ will not be made up of spiritual prostitutes who deny the truth of God’s Word and leave Him to consort with another when they feel like HE IS AN INCONVENIENCE to them. The people that make up the Bride of Christ will remain faithful to Him through thick and thin. The Bride of Christ will be made up of people who have made themselves ready to receive Him when He comes for her. The Bride of Christ will be made up of people who have been found pure in heart, and who refused to be lured away from Him by the offerings of this world. And on the day He receives her, she will shine forth brighter than the firmament, reflecting the glory of her Husband. She will be the Queen of Heaven sitting proudly beside her KING on His throne. The Bride of Christ will not be a prostitute sitting in an exalted position, but a pure chaste Queen who will be worthy of her position, proven by her faithfulness to THE WORD OF GOD while she was living here on this earth. Despite what many think, Heaven will not be the place where man proves his faithfulness to THE WORD OF GOD. It is here on the earth in the midst of conflict that we prove our worthiness for such an exalted position, and it is from heaven we will rule with THE KING OF GLORY. A bride prepares herself to meet her future husband in her own home. She does not prepare herself at the ceremonial place! The BRIDE is prepared to meet her husband when the BRIDEGROOM comes. If she has not prepared herself for the BRIDEGROOM ahead of time, she doesn’t think much of herself or her soon to be HUSBAND. And people who think they have no obligation to prepare themselves during this time of preparation to meet the KING OF GLORY when He comes for His Bride, won’t be at the wedding feast prepared for the BRIDE OF CHRIST. DThrash

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  1. extraordinary post , really good view on the subject and very well written.

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