Life’s Greatest Lesson

I have noticed over the last forty years, that people; especially the younger generation haven’t been taught how to think for themselves. Some readers will view this as a slam on young people, but I want to say, “It is not.” Young people do as they have been taught. My point is; most of the school systems in America no longer teach critical thinking as part of their curriculum, therefore there is a short list of deep thinkers in this generation. Our country began getting into trouble when the focus of our educational institutions changed from creating critical thinkers to teaching our children how to input information into an electronic apparatus that does the thinking for them. As a result of this teaching method, we have seen the children’s test achievement scores sink so low school systems have had to lower their graduation requirements or very few people would be graduating from their institutions. Since most of today’s teachers were taught by this new methodology; they themselves don’t have a clue how to fix the system they were trained in. So a few years ago, the masterminds behind public school education came up with a brilliant plan; instead of refocusing on teaching the students how to think for themselves; they lowered the standards of achievement required to pass from one grade to the next so it would appear the children graduating from our present day schools are doing so in greater numbers and are smarter than people were a few years ago. This is a false impression that is having a devastating effect upon our society. While today’s students know how to push buttons on a electronic device to get an answer to appear on a digital readout; when they have to use their mind without the aid of that electronic device, they become confused because that kind of thinking is outside their normal thought patterns. Colleges and universities have been hit hard by this transformation as well. As a result of the poor education the college bound student receives at the lower levels, they, too, have had to lower the college entrance requirements accordingly; and university officials tell us it is hard to find qualified students to fill their classrooms. I can believe that. What was once the greatest land of educational opportunity in the world has been reduced to mediocrity, and is losing ground in quality of education to what was once considered third world countries
As a result of lower education requirements just about everything this country manufactures today should be classified as slip shod at best. The old timers who took pride in the quality of their products would be ashamed of the quality of products lining store shelves today. I myself have thought many times, “This is nothing but junk and not worth the powder and lead it would take to blow it up.” The sad truth is, a few years ago these kinds of slip shod products would not have been allowed on store shelves. The store owner would have been embarassed to display them, but today they are common place and in almost every store. The level of mediocrity our country has fallen to has been accepted by the present generation as the best we can do and the country that once produced the best of everything, is now scorned by the very same countries we once laughed at and called their products, ‘cheap junk’. Sad as it may be; as a result of this shift in educational requirements this country is now living on yesterday’s dreams of what made it great; and the world knows it. That’s why they no longer fear the nation that was once revered by all as the greatest nation on earth. Where has our respect gone? We’ve put a price tag on it and exported it along with the technology that is being used to break our economy. We, the people, are at fault for allowing this obscenity to happen because we keep electing people to public office who have or will sell themselves and their power to the highest bidder. And why does the general populace keep allowing this to happen? Because people have pretty much quit thinking for themselves, and when a person or a country no longer knows how to think things through; the every day pressures of life beats them down. History is full of names of great countries that slipped into oblivion because they stopped doing the things that made them great. Are we on a collision course with destiny? I believe we are if we don’t get things turned around and once again begin to teach our young people how to think for themselves, and how to solve problems instead of dodging issues hoping they will go away. When a person or a country becomes more interested in numbers than they are in quality; they are in trouble. Mediocrity can never replace quality, and when it does, we have what we have today. When people are not taught how to think and solve problems, they cheat everyone by lowering the standards of quality to make it appear we are gaining instead of losing ground. When people are not taught how to think; they learn how to blame the system, or those who oppose them in an effort to cover their lack of abilities. If this type of thing is allowed to go on for very long, it becomes accepted as the norm; and what was once normal becomes abnormal; and what is not normal loses touch with reality and passes away into the abyss of history.
[Psalms 33:12] says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Some sixty to seventy years ago this country began to get away from the One who made it great, and who sustained it by His great power. He not only set the standard for our living, but He set the standard for our educational facilities, our work ethics, and our ability to respond in emergency situations. Instead of making excuses, we learned to make do with what we had at hand. But, as we began to withdraw from Him; our way of life began a downward course of travel and we have now reached the point on the slippery slope of our downhill descent that there is no chance for us to get off of it if we do not “Repent and turn away from our slothfulness and our wickedness; and once again make God the Lord of our nation and our lives.” What once was the light of the world has become a nation of darkness that sets the standard for wickedness around the world. And whether we realize it or not; the eyes of the whole world are upon the great whore who abandoned her master to follow her lover, Deceit. While she commits fornication with Lust and Greed; the world waits for the darling of the world to be brought to her knees where she can be bound and her life taken from her. Our God tells us, “Pride goes before a great fall.”  And this nations pride in its wickedness has replaced our once great humility that gladdened the heart of our God, who now like an earthly father, must sit by and watch helplessly as his rebellious daughter who has abandoned His love and instruction learns the harsh realities of life’s lessons He once protected her from. DThrash


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