The Puzzle of Life

This article was originally written by DThrasher in March of 2008.
[Romans 8:28] “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” If I am to understand what Paul is saying in verse twenty eight, I am to believe there is no such thing as an isolated incidence, accident, luck or coincidence, and ALL THINGS going on in my life at the present time are doing so in order to bring me to a point in my understanding where I can not only help myself, but understand God’s plan for my life to a degree that other people will benefit from my experiences and blessings. If ALL THINGS are working together toward an intended purpose, I believe that means EVERYTHING in both the natural and spiritual worlds are working in conjunction with one another to cause me to come to a certain point where my life intersects with God’s plan for me and His plan bears fruit in my life. If I look at each thing occurring in my life as isolated incidents working independently of the each other, I will not see the whole picture or the reason for them, but if I try to understand ALL that is happening and find how they connect together, then I will be able to improve my circumstances and gain the victory where I might otherwise fail to understand the reason for my being where I am in life at the present time.
As I was standing outside this morning the thought came to me, “There is no such thing as a coincidence.” Immediately, the thought ran through my mind that ALL the different things going on in my life at this present time are ALL connected in some way and are working together by the hand of God to bring an expected end to what I am undergoing so I might enter into the realm of blessing God so desires for me to possess. I saw that ALL these different things I am experiencing are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that when each piece is put into their proper place the complete picture will reveal God’s planned purposes for me. However, if I focus only on singular isolated events, God’s solution for my problems will remain a mystery. That is when the above scripture in [Romans 8:28] came to me and I began to understand that ALL THINGS work together in both the natural and spiritual realms to bring God’s plan for my life into focus. If I can put all the pieces of the puzzle in their proper places, then I can understand what the will of God is for my life and keep the image of that blueprint in the forefront of my spiritual eyes, I can accomplish the work He has for me to do while I am on this earth.
If the whole of our life was a still picture, we would be able to examine every aspect of it including all those things in the background that we normally do not take notice of, but make up the whole of the picture to give it expression. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the main object in the picture and that is the part we comment on. Seldom do we talk about the things in the background that complete the picture because they are not the subject of the picture. Now, if that picture were cut into many pieces in jig-saw puzzle fashion, the whole of the picture would be fragmented and would remain a mystery until all the pieces were fitted together in the place each piece fits. Our life is like that picture in that there are many things going on in it all at the same time that we do not see clearly because a certain thing holds our attention. That thing holding our attention and drawing our focus away from everything else could be a sickness, poverty, great wealth, or any number of things causing us to miss most of what is going on because we are trained to focused on the things we deem to be of greater importance. If we were to learn to put all the things affecting our life into their proper perspective and connect them to the thing holding our attention, then we could better understand the whole of God’s plan for our life and move toward the goal of meeting God’s objective for our life. DThrash 

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