Soul Food (Accompanies “Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone”)

Originally published by DThrasher as “This Old House Needs More Than A Coat of Paint.” June 2008

It is only natural that people pursue the things in this life that will sustain the strength of their body; and bread and exercise will meet that goal. However, if bread is all we are pursuing, we are pursuing only one half of what is required to sustain our life. Our human body is like a house in that it is nothing more than an enclosed structure that needs to be maintained. A house in itself has no life in it. It takes people living in a house to give life and meaning to the house. And as you well know, you can tell when a house is being lived in and when it isn’t. Food is for our body, but other than sustaining the strength of our body it serves no other practical purpose. Just as it takes people living in a house to give life and meaning to the house; it takes something living inside us to give life and meaning to our body.

In Matthew chapter four, the bible tells us Jesus has just completed a forty day fast in the desert, and Satan, knowing there is no food in the area comes to Him to tempt Him to change some stones into bread to feed Himself. Satan said to Jesus, “… if you are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.” Jesus responds to Satan, “Man does not live by bread alone …” So Jesus said to Satan, that bread by itself is not the sustainer of life because it only meets the needs of our physical body. Then Jesus concludes His statement with the words, “…But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” So Jesus has just told us two things are required to sustain the life of man. Bread for the body, and the Word of God for the soul.

Over eighty percent of the world’s population is on a starvation diet. They spend their every waking moment pursuing bread that maintains the house, but they do nothing to feed the one who lives in the house. Let me say, the bread I am talking about in this blog represents all of the material things in life a person pursues to feed their physical body and to make it more comfortable; while ignoring the needs of the one who lives in them. As you know, a hungry person will do just about anything to feed his hungry body. He will steal, he will kill, he will do whatever is necessary to get what he needs to drive off his hunger pangs. But what about the spirit of man who lives inside us? How does it get nourishment? Jesus told us, the spirit within man feeds on words, but not just any words; our spirit person gets real nourishment from the Word of God. It doesn’t need bread because bread cannot meet its needs. And when it is deprived of the life saving nourishment that can only be received from the Word of God, the spirit within us can turn very ugly. A starving spirit being force-fed the garbage and filth of Satan can be induced to murder, rape, and pillage, even members of its own family. 

Mankind does not try to understand why people do the awful things they do to other people because they have been trained to focus on the resulting damage and cleaning up the mess instead of the cause and how to prevent such evils from happening. But if we were to examine what that person’s spirit had been living on; we would understand why Jesus said, “Bread for the body, and the Word of God for our spirit man.” And if we expect to overcome our problems and live life to the fullest in the manner we were created to live; we will have to feed our spirit person what it needs to thrive. God didn’t create you and I to be second class citizens in His creation who has to depend upon Satan’s garbage to exist. He created us to be His children who draw upon the pure nourishment of truth found only in His Word, that not only nourishes us, but strengthens us so we can withstand anything Satan throws at us. And if we are His children, then we are sons and daughters of the most High God, and we will live and reign with Him forever. If we refuse His offer to nourish our spirit person with the nourishment it needs, the body we loved so dearly in this life will decay and the one who lived in us and was deprived of the life saving nourishment it needed will suffer eternally because it never received the chance to become all it was created to be. Sad; very sad. DThrash


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