Sound the Alarm! Trouble Cometh!

Trouble cometh!  Jesus said in [John 16:33] “In the world you shall have tribulation…”  He is telling us in a nice way, “Trouble is coming to your house.” It’s guaranteed. It comes using many aliases such as marital problems, financial problems, health problems, mind problems, oppression, depression, stress and the list goes on, and when trouble comes, he comes for only one reason, and that is to break you down, make you suffer, and if possible take your life. When will he come? When you least expect him. If he can knock us off our feet he will kick us in the ribs and beat us unconscious because he’s a coward. I called trouble, a he, because in the scriptures he is described in the masculine form. If we do not understand where our problems originate we will attack the person whom we think is the cause of our problem. The real trouble-maker is invisible to the naked eye, but we see the results of his actions in the lives of people all around us. He is also pretty smart, that’s why Jesus said, “In the world you shall have tribulation…” There is more to this statement in which Jesus gives us the answer to our problems of which I will write about shortly, but right now I am addressing the problems he creates. Trouble knows better than to take us on when we are at our strongest, when we are thinking straight. It’s much more difficult to defeat a strong man than it is a weak one. That’s why he goes after the helpless, such as the very young, the old, the sick, and the poverty-stricken and the people he knows can’t defend themselves in this world. As a young man I never gave much thought to trouble, I was strong and just thought trouble was a natural part of life. I thought I was bullet proof as most young people do, but as I grew older, I realized he could create more problems than I had answers for. But the most important thing I have learned about trouble is that we don’t have to go looking for him; there is plenty of him to go around. And because there is, we oftentimes find ourselves caught up in a situation not of our making and of which we can not control. How is this possible you ask? Because as human beings are all interconnected to one another and what one person does affects the lives of other people. Our problems are rooted in the spiritual realm and not all people understand this, that is why the bigger the problem the larger the number of people affected by that problem. Are you beginning to see how we can’t escape from trouble even if we are not the instigator? The best we can do is prepare ourselves for trouble when it comes and be ready to join the fray because if we don’t have a plan of action in place when trouble comes, we won’t be much of contest for him. Our enemy is very good at eliciting the aid of man to assist him in creating problems for others. If man wouldn’t assist him, he could do nothing. For him to do anything on this earth he has to have an assistant who will point the finger at another person and tell other people that person is the source of the problem when in fact that person is nothing more than a scapegoat the real culprit is hiding behind.
Now, let’s take this one step further. Our own government is a prime example of what I am talking about. They are being used by the enemy to create problems for the working man by spending money they do not have, then raising taxes to take away yet more of our taxpayers dollars in an attempt to make their ends meet and pointing the finger at their predecessor and laying the blame on him. When the government takes more of our money, it affects our buying power, and if we have less to spend, the lives of many other people are affected by our lack. The end result of our government’s tactics is creating a bigger problem for the working man who bankrolls our country’s economy. If I don’t have much money and the government takes the little I have, at some point I become a victim of the enemy’s ploy and I become a person dependent upon the government to assist me in living. Man cannot solve my problem by raising taxes and providing tax rebates. That will not remove our nation’s debt problem or put more money in my pocket. The answer to debt is accountability and to stop spending what we do not have. If government is the example for the people and the government overspends and raises taxes in an attempt to offset the difference between their budget and what they actually spent, are they not teaching the people over spending is a good practice? Common sense tells us if you are spending more than you have coming in, sooner or later your greed will catch up to you and you will not like the consequences of your actions. I have learned, Washington is long on ideas about how to get more of our money, but short on common sense these days. What they are saying to the businessman is; If you need more money to meet your financial obligations, just raise your prices and you will have more money at your disposal. You know our government leaders do not run their family businesses like they run our government. If they did, they would be the laughing-stock of the business community.
Because we deny the power of the supreme and ignore Him, our country has a massive debt problem our leaders don’t have a clue how to solve. And the idea that a person or country can solve their debt problems by spending more is not only idiotic, but asinine. Our debt problem arose out of greed and overspending and it has reduced us to borrowing money from our enemies to finance the interest on our debt pledging the future of our children and grandchildren as collateral for that debt. Our government leaders do not realize overspending started our problem and cutting back will solve the problem? A problem doesn’t arise overnight and it will not be resolved overnight, but with careful planning it will run its course and die. Our own government wrote laws that tell us, if a person owes money to another and that person cannot repay what they borrowed, the person owed has the right to take possession of the person’s property to compensate them for the money they are out. Does our government not think that at some point in time our enemies are not going to hold us accountable for our debt to them? And if we can’t pay their demands they have the right to take possession of the future of our children. I am not an educated man but I understand enough to know our government cannot keep doing business the way they have for the last several years. At some point we have to stop spending and consider what we are doing to our children and grandchildren. If we truly love them like we say we do, we will show them our love by stopping the madness before it is too late. It’s okay for me to spend what I have in whatever manner I want, but it is not alright for me to mortgage the future of my children to finance my greed. According to the latest figures, our nation is in debt to the tune of $45,000.00 per person for all 308,000,000 legal and illegal people living in our country. And we know not all people pay taxes, so that burden is much higher than the numbers indicate, and in all likelihood we can triple or quadruple that dollar amount per tax paying individual. Or you could say, our government is in debt to our enemies to the tune of approximately 150,000  to 200,000 dollars per tax payer and that dollar amount is continuing to mount and our government leaders are doing nothing about it except pointing the finger at one another playing the blame game. The shock waves will be felt for generations to come if we don’t do something about it quick, and if allow our debt problem to escalate unabated for much longer, it will swallow us up and we will cease to exist as a country. 
Do you know our government wants to control the internet? Why? So they don’t have to read how disappointed the common man is in their performance. That isn’t the way to overcome a problem and it will not make the problem go away. People already don’t trust our elected officials and controlling the internet will only confirm what most people already know. Yes, trouble is upon us unlike anything we have ever experienced, and what we do now determines the outcome. The example I used concerning the spending habits of our government is a prime example of what a person does not want to do to solve their problems. Adding fuel to the fire will not put the fire out. It causes the fire to increase in intensity. But our government leaders are telling us by adding a lot more debt to our already existing debt, we will actually remove our debt problem and increase jobs. What are they drinking in their coffee? And to put the icing on the cake; after they added 875 billion dollars worth of fuel to an already hot fire, they gave the stimulus money (fuel) without any government oversight to the very people who created our problems in the beginning, and these people gave out much of that stimulus money in the form of multimillion dollar bonuses to corporate executives in their overseas offices who have never paid a dime into our tax system. Simply brilliant planing by these guys with degrees from Columbia, Harvard, Yale and the like.
The second half of the scripture I used at the beginning of this blog, reads, “but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” What Jesus mean by this statement is this, “Do not fret or be anxious. I am the answer to all of your problems.” His Father owns the world and all this is in it [Psalms 24:1] and the Father has passed the oversight of this world on to His Son, Jesus Christ who tells us to repent of our sin and He will direct the path we should follow to defeat our debt problem and every other situation that arises before us. Sounds to simple to work doesn’t it? Of course it does, but man is slow to believe anything he can’t see with his own eyes. But they will turn around and trust the feeble attempts of man to solve our problems by adding fuel to the fire to put the fire out. We wouldn’t be in this pickle we find ourselves in if we were intelligent enough to know who is behind our problems, would we? It’s time to listen to someone who has real answers before we lose the thing we love most; our family and their family. The first clear indication a person doesn’t have a clue how to solve an existing problem is when they start pointing the finger at a predecessor instead of examining the problem and formulating a plan to fix it. Our government has become very good at finger-pointing and very short on accepting responsibility. The enemy whom we call trouble is lurking at the door, and I can guarantee you he will not treat our family with the same loving compassion we do. Look at the human rights violations taking place in the country who owns more of this country than we do. They hate the very air we breathe. They always have and they always will. They hate everyone who holds a different view of life than they do, and that includes their own people against whom their human rights violations are committed. It’s time we in America woke up to the fact our back is against the wall, then elect some people to office who have some common sense and moxy before we find ourselves speaking a language other than english. DThrash


  1. When are you going to post again? You really entertain me!

  2. cool

  3. DThrasher

    Great response, buttermile80 DThrash

  4. And it should not be forgotten that though we face death all day long, both believer and unbeliever, there is a day of trouble coming which will encase the wicked in hopeless. A hopelessness that they have never dreamed of in their worst nightmare. God’s people will face troubles of various kinds. But we know of hope. The world faces the same troubles and yet has no hope. If God’s people struggle with doubt and fear, what will become of those who do not struggle “With” God’s Son? How abhorant is the plight of those who reject the gift of Jesus. The struggles faced today will utterly vanish as they face their eternity. How my mind tosses and my soul aches to bring them to the One who can save them from this fate.

    By His Grace.

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