Satan is a Punk!

Satan is a punk! Always has been, always will be. A picture of his work is clearly seen in the punk kids who run the streets of our cities and towns carrying guns and knives to  frighten the weak and the fearful. In reality they are nothing more than bullies who need a good butt-kicking. Something they should have gotten at home from their parents, but it’s against the law for daddy to put a switch to their little rear-ends because “It might damage their little egos.” We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we? So we let them run wild and throw their temper tantrums in the aisles and check out lanes of our local stores and reward their bad behavior with a treat so they won’t embarrass us anymore than they already have. And when they grow older and fill the prison systems and county jails to overflowing, shoot other kids and their teachers in our schools, become drug pushers, drug users, rapist, pedophiles, pregnant out of marriage, kill off their unwanted inconveniences called unborn babies, raise the crime rates at all levels of our society, we wonder how our little darlings ever got to that level of decadence. So what do we do? We blame it on their friends rather than accept responsibility for what we didn’t teach them. Folks, if we don’t teach our kids right from wrong; the streets, video games, and other kids will be more than glad to do the job for us. However, if you choose the latter route of education for your children; don’t act too surprised when your child does something society doesn’t approve of.

The church, who is the stabilizing force in society is afraid to be the Army of God and fulfill its role. The people of this world will not come into our churches and meeting halls when they see the church is more afraid of Satan than they are. The world is looking for an institution that will strike fear in the heart of the devil; not the other way around. The first century church understood they were the Army of God, and a few generations of Christians thereafter understood Satan is a punk who takes advantage of the weak and elderly, and they drove him out of their cities and towns. Those brave soldiers dug a foothold in this world and Christianity spread like wildfire. They served notice on Satan; “Leave, or we will throw you out.” Satan tries awfully hard to convince people he is god, but he isn’t, he’s just a punk angel and that’s all he will ever be. Gang members manifest Satan’s attributes, and like their mentor, they try awfully hard to convince us they rule our cities and towns; they don’t. They may scare some folks, but they are only dangerous when they run in packs. When they are by themselves, it’s another story. For example, I saw a video on the internet on December 30th, 2010, of an Englishman who called himself the ‘crossbow cannibal’, who after his third murder of the weaker sex, looked up at the video camera in the hallway of his apartment complex, smiled, and extended his middle finger in defiance. But, when he was taken into custody and sitting in the police station situation room being questioned, there was no bravado, no smile, no extended fingers, there was just a 41-year-old punk who thought he was something, but now in the custody of God‘s peace keepers, his head was bowed and he could barely speak because he was scared out of his mind. He looked like he was ready to have a bowel movement in his pants. He might have lived in a fantasy world where he was god before his capture, but now he is getting a reality check, and in reality, there is only one God to whom we all must give an account.

I have heard people say, “When I die, I am going to hell and paaaarty with the devil.” Fools! Hell ain’t no paaaarty place, and when you get there, the devil ain’t going to be in a party mood because he knows his time is short, and, he, too, is going to a place he doesn’t want to go and can’t escape from. God tells us, those unbelieving people living in a fantasy world where they think they are god and do as they please will be tossed into a place where a person’s ‘worm or spirit’ never dies, and the fire will never be quenched. Hell will be their reality check just like the situation room in that police station in England was a wake up call for the ‘crossbow cannibal’. However, there is some good news for the sinner. As long as you have breath in your body, you can repent and turn away from your wickedness and God will pardon you. The invitation to accept God’s pardon includes the ‘crossbow cannibal’ as well as all the others who think they may have done too many bad things to receive His forgiveness, but once an unrepentent person has drawn their last breath and deaths door closes behind them, the big lie they believed that told them, “They are not responsible for their actions;” will be driven home by the eternal and unrelenting torment from which there is no escape. DThrash


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