Trust Me, Not What You See

Most people know that what we see with our natural eyes isn’t all there is to life. The truth is what we see is small in comparison to what isn’t seen. We don’t think about the things in life we can’t see because we are so caught up in trying to make a living. But just because we don’t think about them doesn’t mean they are not true. Take the sap of a tree, love, and faith in God for instance. They all have one thing in common. They are all hidden from the naked eye of man unless we strive to find their existence. We know they exist and are real because we see the effect of them in the world. True love is invisible, something we can’t see, but will change a person’s life. A person in love holds fast and refuses to believe anything other than the best of the person they love even when things appear to contradict their belief. And faith in God is like that kind of love. The soul of a person of faith is anchored to something we believe in, but can’t see, and despite what other people may say or think of our faith, we will not let go. The bond of love and our faith in God is stronger than super glue and nothing on this earth can break those bonds. Only I can loose myself from the Lord just like the only person who can break the bond of love is the person who is in love. That’s why love and faith in God makes no sense to people who do not believe in anything other than what they see.

People whose trust is in what they can see will fail many times in life because what we can see is not all there is in life. We do not see the sap that is the life blood of the tree flowing upward from the roots causing the tree to grow and branch out giving life to the many leaves along with their beautiful green color. But if we were to cut into the tree, we would see the sap flowing thus proving there is life in the tree we cannot see. God is like that tree. We cannot see Him, but when we dig into His Word and apply it to our life we come to know Him in a personal way and our knowledge of the holy strengthens and energizes our spirit person, or in other words the person blossoms because of the new life within. If we do not cut into the tree or dig into God’s Word to find the life therein, we only have the word of another person concerning the two. They may or may not be right in their assumption of these truths, and if we accept what they say as being true without investigating the matter for ourself, we remain ignorant of what goes on just beyond our line of sight. We can get by in this life without understanding the life of a tree and suffer no adverse side effects from our lack of understanding, but we cannot get by without knowledge of God who is the author of Eternal Life and who holds our life in His hands. If we, who are His children are not interested in getting to know Him personally we will be treated as an incorrigible nonconformist, cut out of His will, lose our inheritance, and upon our physical death our spirit person will be cast out of His presence and put to death by fire. This seems to be a drastic measure by our Creator, but He paid a great price for our redemption and does not take lightly our rejection of it. So He has put this information in a book called the bible and expects every one of us to do a thorough investigation of His reality before we make a determination as to whether or not what He presents to us is in  fact the truth. The truth of God’s Word sustains itself. It does not need the testimony of men to substaniate its truth. It is what it is, the Absolute Truth concerning life and death and by which all of us will be judged to determine our eternal future. DThrash


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