Hosea, the Prophet of God, and His Prostitute Wife

To many of us the request God made of Hosea to marry a harlot is mind-blowing. I can just imagine what the other prophets of God thought of Hosea after he went up to the sex shrine where she worked and took her home to be his wife. They must have thought Hosea had lost his mind. No prophet before or after Hosea was asked by God to do such a thing, but God always has a reason for doing the things He does. In this case God wanted the people of northern Israel to see their relationship with Him through the marriage of Hosea the prophet, and Gomer, his prostitute wife.

Hosea the prophet and Gomer his  prostitute wife had three children; two boys and a girl. The first child God told Hosea to name Jezreel, the second, Lo-Ruhamah, and the third, Lo-Ammi. The first child might have been sired by Hosea, but Lo-Ruhamah and Lo-Ammi more than likely wasn’t and I base this conclusion upon their names. Lo-Ruhamah means ‘No Mercy’ and Lo-Ammi means ‘You are not my people’. Thus I believe the last two children were not the children of Hosea but were fathered by some of her lovers. If you continue reading the story, Gomer the prostitute became the property of one of her lovers, but Hosea loved his prostitute wife and her children and went to this man and paid a great deal of money and grain to buy her back. Isn’t this precisely what the Lord did for us when we were yet sinners and not worthy of His love? Do you see the picture presented here of the Lord and his unfaithful church, the unfaithful northern Israelite’s and the one who saved them from their Egyptian slave masters, and Hosea the prophet and Gomer the prostitute? The connection is obvious don’t you think?

The Lord brought Israel into the land of Canaan some nine hundred years before and commanded them to drive out the inhabitants of the land who were enjoying the Israelite’s blessings and using up their prosperity. But instead of driving the paganite’s (paganite’s is my word for all the different idol worshiping people groups living in Canaan when the Israelite’s entered their promised land) out of the land as commanded by God. Instead, they established relations with them. And despite their rebelling against God’s commands to drive the people out, He still had great mercy upon them and forgave them of their wickedness many times. The Old Testament book of Judges tells us every time the Israelite’s were over run by their enemies, God would raise up a person He called a judge to lead them to victory, and later, when they wanted a king, God gave them a king. But at no time were the ten tribes making up northern Israel ever really grateful for what the Lord had done for them. nor did they worship Him alone. For a short time all of Israel was united under one king, but after the third king, Solomon, the Israelite’s divided the land into two sections and set up two different governments. The northern ten tribes under the leadership of King Jeroboam the 1st set up golden calves to worship and refused to go down to the temple in Jerusalem to worship the living God. When this happened, things in northern Israel went downhill. They stopped worshiping the living God who had delivered them from Egypt and served their flesh. Thus at the end of their freedom – God reminded them through the marriage of Hosea the prophet and Gomer the prostitute how unfaithful they had become to Him, and warned them if they didn’t turn from their idol worship they would be removed from the land. To make a long story short, they didn’t repent and God allowed the Assyrians to capture them, scatter them around the world, and those Israelite’s haven’t been heard from since.

Now if you know the history of the failures of the Jews, you can clearly see the historical and present day failures of the modern-day church. We have had some good times and we have had some miserable failures during our history. And at present, a small percentage of the church remains faithful to the Lord while the larger majority of the unfaithful Gomer’s of this church age live the way they want too, worshiping the idols of sex and power, money and fame, marrying unbelievers and producing children to the same just like the northern Israelite’s did during the days in which our story takes place. And once again, God is calling His people to repentance, to worship Him alone; but the unfaithful Gomer’s of this church age who prostitute themselves out to devils for money and power, will not listen, scorning the men and women God sends to them calling them to worship the One True God. They do not understand just like the northern Israelite’s did not understand that by refusing to heed the call of God’s people, the unfaithful members of this church age are committing spiritual adultery with the idols the unbelievers worship and God is ready to divorce them. God is saying to them, “I will have no mercy upon you because you are no longer my people.” Does this not just blow away the idea that a person who was once saved – is always saved? Then the end will come. The righteous will inherit everlasting life, the unfaithful will receive eternal death, be removed from the land God gave them, (Heaven) to dwell in a place from which no one will ever hear from them again. (Hell)

God loves mankind, but not all of mankind loves God. Those who call upon Him He saves, but many after receiving salvation become unfaithful committing spiritual adultery by worshiping the idols of God’s enemies and prostituting themselves with the unbelieving of this world. God doesn’t stop loving the unfaithful even though they are not true to Him just like Hosea did not stop loving Gomer because she prostituted herself out for money. But as surely as God told the Israelite’s of northern Israel to repent and turn back to Him or He would no longer have mercy upon them; you can bet He will say the same thing to this modern-day church whom He bought and paid for with the life of His Son, Jesus Christ. DThrash


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  1. There are some fascinating points in this article but I don’t know if I see all of them center to heart. There is some validity but I will hold my opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we wish extra!

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