People of Faith Series “Jairus”

Today, we will look at an example of a man who went to Jesus to seek help for his dying daughter and while he was with Jesus some members of his synagogue came and told him his daughter had died; and said to the man, “Why trouble the Teacher any more?” Ah, if not for our insensitive friends, we wouldn’t have any friends at all. Don’t they say the darndest things at the darndest times? Basically the members of Jairus’ synagogue told him, “Your daughter is dead! No one can help her now; God rest her sweet soul. You better go on home and make arrangements for her funeral.” Couldn’t these friends see the heart of Jairus break when they told him the bad news? Thank God, Jairus was standing in the presence of the only person on earth who could help him.

This attack by Satan on Jairus was two fold. First it was meant to destroy any hope that Jairus had that anyone could help his dying daughter, and second, it was said in the presence of the Word of God, whom we know as Jesus, thinking it would present a problem for Him. But the only thing Jesus said to Jairus was, “Do not be afraid, only believe.” You see friends, all it takes is one word from God to calm our fears and cause our faith in Him to arise. He didn’t have to reassure Jairus time and time again that everything was going to be alright. He just said, “Do not be afriad, only believe” and headed for the home of Jairus to take care of the matter.

It doesn’t matter what your problem might be; Satan means to use that problem to destroy any hope you might have in the ability of the Lord to help you. He knows once hope is gone, you are forever defeated. But if he cannot take away your hope; he knows you will find a way to overcome the problem. That my friends is a gift from God.

Finally Jesus had to separate Jairus from the other people to stop the naysaying. But the devil has lots of helpers among our friends. When Jesus and Jairus came to the home of Jairus, his family’s closest friends were creating quite a commotion and wailing loudly. To the believer, their wailing was telling everyone in hearing distance, “No hope! No hope! The daughter of our friend Jairus is dead.” Jesus said to the unbelieving friends of the family; “Why are you making this commotion and weeping? The girls is not dead; but sleeping.” [Mark 5:39] To the unbelieving friends of the family because there was a lack of movement in the girl meant she was dead. But God said, “The girl is not dead, she is just sleeping and I am going to wake her.”

What we believe is going to happen during our most trying times determines the outcome of our situation. And here are the choices we have to choose from. Do we believe what the unbelieving world says about the situation, or do we believe God? The choice we make determines whether or not we have the kind of faith that pleases God. The kind of faith that God rewards is granted in the request we make of Him. Jesus came to wake this girl up and God, the Holy Spirit woke her up for Him. If He had of agreed with the unbelievers whose wailing was telling the whole town there was no hope for the daugher of Jairus; they would have buried the girl later that day. God tells us, “Nothing is impossible to those who believe.” To those who do not believe; nothing is possible. Man is not God and God is not man. God is the author of our faith; Satan is the author of unbelief. Not that Satan doesn’t believe God, he does. But if he can get man to stop acting on God’s word, he wins and men lose. Satan knows that God has the final say about everything and if he can keep men ignorant of that basic truth, he can beat us, but if we act on God’s Word, we will win everytime. Why did Jesus win every battle with Satan? Because He acted on God’s Word in every situation knowing that Satan doesn’t have an answer for God’s Word because God’s Word is final. DThrash


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  1. A very helpfull article – A big thank you I hope you dont mind me blogging about this post on my blog I will also link back to this post Thank you

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