People of Faith Series “The Two Blind Men”

Jesus had just left the house of Jairus where He had woken up the daughter of Jairus from her sleep of death. To the unbelieving mourners gathered around the house wailing at the top of their lungs… No Hope! No Hope! The little girl was past hope as far as the mourners were concerned because she had died. However, Jesus said to them, “She is not dead as you suppose. She is only sleeping and I am come to wake her up.” They laughed Him to scorn. Because of their unbelief, Jesus ran them all out of the house and went into the little girl’s room and woke her up and instructed her parents to feed her because she was hungry. Upon leaving the house; two blind men follow Him along the road crying out and saying, Son of David, have mercy on us!” Jesus kept walking and the two men followed Him to where He was going. When Jesus entered the house, the two blind men followed Him inside, and Jesus said to them, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” They replied to Him, Yes, Lord.” Then Jesus touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith let it be done to you.” And their eyes were opened.

This amazing story is found in the Gospel of Matthew 11:27-31. The faith of men is exhibited in what we do to receive our miracle from God. The two blind men in this story followed Jesus for some distance probably stubbing their toes on rocks lying in the roadway, but they had already decided rocks and pot holes in the road was not going to deter them. They had settled it in their hearts that this was the day they were going to receive their sight. They had found Jesus by happenstance and they were determined to stay with Him until their needs were met. Do you see that? How smart we would be if we determined we were going to stick with Him until our miracle had been received and then we were going to go out and tell everyone about the good thing the Lord has done for us. Folks, that is Christianity 101.

Faith in God is determining in our hearts that we are going to pursue Jesus until our miracle has occurred. These two blind men had not seen Jesus do any miracles. They had only heard about His great works. They acted upon what they heard and received a miracle. We can do the same even though Jesus is no longer on the earth and we will not see Him perform a miracle in person, but we still hear about the good things He is doing for other people. Isn’t it time we acted upon what we have heard just like these two blind men did and receive our needs met. The blind men followed Jesus until He stopped; but their miracle was still dependent upon them believing He was going to do for them what He had been doing for other people. Do you see that? If you want something bad enough from the Lord; you will do whatever you have to do to receive it. And if you do not give up, the Lord will grant your request.

What was it about the two blind men that proved to Jesus they were serious about receiving their eye sight? They followed Him despite the distance they had to travel and the unseen obstacles they had to overcome until He came to a place to rest. Even then they did not stop their pursuit and Jesus granted their request. If these two blind men had stopped anywhere along the road and turned back from following Jesus, they would have died blind. They stayed the course, they paid the price for their miracle, and they received exactly what they wanted from Him. Do you understand? We do not win if we give up the pursuit. We only win if we stay the course. That kind of faith God rewards. DThrash


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