The Christian and the Wannabe

I have been perplexed for the longest time by people who call themselves Christians but don’t have a clue what makes a person a Christian. We can call ourselves anything we like but that doesn’t mean we are what we say we are. For example, I can live in a garage and call myself a car and walk around making engine sounds with my mouth, but that doesn’t make me a car. I am just a person who lives in a garage who makes strange noises with my mouth. I can walk around all day barking like a dog, but that doesn’t make me a dog. It just means I’m confused and need help. The word Christian is a term that means ‘Christ-like’, and if we are a Christian, we are working with all of our might to live a life very similar to the life Christ lived. Jesus loved His Father God with all of His heart, soul, mind and strength, and His neighbors as Himself. That is our job as well, but that is not what we see. What our neighbors see is a lot of talk and very little action. We have given ourselves religious sounding names like Father, Mother Supreme, Reverend, etc, but why? Those names are not supported by scripture. As a matter of fact, the bible tells us to call no one ‘father’ because we have a Father in heaven. A preacher is not to be reverenced, we serve a holy God who is to be revered, and we have an earthly mother who brought us into this world. In God’s kingdom we have brothers and sisters because we are all on the same level of authority. One is not greater in power and authority than another, we were all sinners saved by grace. One might receive a greater reward in heaven, but we are not to hold our earthly position or wealth over the heads of the poor and pretend to be somebody we are not. James had something to say about this very subject in the second chapter of his letter to the church.

There are people who think going to church a couple of days a week and spending time with their friends in a building with a cross on top somehow meets God‘s requirements for going to heaven. There are other people who believe that once they mumble a few words they can live their life on earth any way they want to and still go to heaven, then there are those who worship statues and count beads thinking that is all they have to do to get into heaven. I have news for all of them; none of those doctrines are supported by scripture and believing and doing all those silly things does not make a person Christ-like.

A real Christian knows he was bought with a price and his whole life, spirit, soul, and body, belongs to God. That means they understand their time is not their own, their money is not their own, their body is not their own, nothing they have in their possession belongs to them. (Psalm 24:1) If they didn’t understand this idea when they became a Christian they came to understand it as they read God’s Word. They also understand that God requires ‘a life for a life’. Christ gave His life for us and God expects no less from the Christians who will make up the Bride of His Son.

Have you ever really thought about who the Bride is going to be married to? And by the way; the New Testament modern-day church that was brought into being on the Day of Pentecost will be the Bride of Christ. She will be married to the Son of God and rule and reign with Him over all of creation for all of eternity. Who is the Son of God but the Word of God that was clothed in a fleshly body, made in the image of man, and given the name Jesus. (John 1:14) The Bride is going to be made up of believers and married to the Word of God, and if we do not get to know God’s Word in this life time, do we really think the Word will receive us as His Bride. I don’t think so.

The Son of God who is God’s Word is coming to receive a people who are so in love with God’s Word that they joyfully follow Him wherever He may lead them. The Word of God the Father named Jesus is coming for a people who live and worship His Word in spirit and in truth because they understand it is the Word of God that free’s us of the powers that bind us in this world. Jesus, the Word of God isn’t returning for a Bride who doesn’t know God’s Word. He’s returning for a people who love God’s Word with their whole being, who recognize the work of God and understand the reason and purpose for their existence. They voluntarily lay their life down daily for their coming Groom as the Groom voluntarily laid His life down for the Bride and bled for her sins before going to the cross to die in the Bride’s place.

The Groom loved the Bride enough to die for her and the Bride will have to love the Groom enough that if asked to do so she will gladly die for Him as well. The Bride will spend her time purifying herself with the washing of the water of the Word in preparation for the coming of her Lord, she will be chaste and committed to Her Groom, she won’t be lazy, she won’t be vain, she won’t be thinking she can do as she pleases with her life, and she won’t be a prostitute prostituting herself with devils and worshiping statues and such nonsense as people would have you believe. Those lying preachers who are afraid of running off their congregations of wannabe’s if they preach the fullness of God’s Word preach an easy message where nothing is required of their congregations that would upset them. Hell is full of fools who thought God expected nothing of them.

If you really want to know the truth about what makes a Christian a Christian; I would suggest you blow the dust off the cover of your bibles and read it because inside the covers of that holy book God makes it clear that He expects us to love Him with all of our heart and lay our life down for Him just as He laid down His life for us. In the Old Testament God made a way for His people to enjoy the blessings of the promised land and be called His children. All the Israelites had to do was obey Him and everything God promised them would be theirs. And in the New Testament He has made a way for Christians to spend eternity with Him and sit beside Him on His throne ruling over God’s kingdom. In both the Old and New Testaments there was a requirement God’s People had to meet, and that is; if we do things His way, He rewards us. If we do things our way, hell and torment is awaiting. DThrash


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