Resurrection Day

The last week of the life of Jesus was second in importance only to His defeat of death, hell and the grave, and His resurrection on the first day of the week following. It was on Resurrection Sunday that the Lord of Heaven and Earth was given all authority after having broken the power of Satan in behalf of mankind. Never again will man be forced to be a slave of the enemy of God. However, we can remain a slave if we want too, and many do.

This picture is clearly portrayed in the deliverance of Israel from the power of Egypt in the book of Exodus where God broke the power of Pharoah and his army and set the Israelites free. Even after Pharoah let the Israelites go, they were still not completely free of Pharoah until God disposed of the Egyptians by the same source He used to deliver the Israelites from them, ie., the Red Sea. The sea that parted to allow the Israelites to escape was the same sea God used to destroy the greatness of the Egyptians. Never again did they gain the power and fame they enjoyed before that dastardly day.

When the Word of God returned from serving our sentence in hell, He stopped by the grave where His body had been laid, you know the one with the nail holes in the hands and feet and the spear wound in its side, and took it upon Himself once again to prove that God had visited His people and had lived among them for thirty-three years before they crucified Him because He went about doing good setting God’s people free of the sickness and disease put on them by their slave owner, delivering them from the demons that possessed many of them, while raising the dead and teaching God’s people how to live God’s Way. He then appeared first to Mary Magdalene and the other Mary at the tomb before appearing to His disciples and explaining to them what their new commission would be before He ascended to heaven to sit beside His Father where He will rule and reign until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled and the grapes of God’s wrath is tread.

Jesus, the body in which the Word of God lives will one day return and when His feet touch the Mount of Olives from which He ascended there will be a great earthquake, the earth will split open and the dead in Christ will rise first and those who remain will be caught up into the air to be with their Lord forever. I do pray your name is on the roll in heaven because if it isn’t it will be the saddest day of your already miserable life.

Yes, Resurrection Sunday was a joy for the believer celebrating the greatest day in the history of man, but not so for the slaves of Satan who will one day realize what a terrible mistake they made when the Son of God reappears and they see Him as He really is. On that day, He will not be coming as a babe in a manger to suffer at the hands of men as He did the first time, but He is returning as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords to tread the winepress of the fierceness of God’s wrath on the unbeliever who had better things to do with his life than to honor the one who arose from the dead with the keys of death, hell and the grave in His hands. DThrash


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