The US News Media’s Love Affair with Osama bin Laden

I have been keeping up with the media stories on the death of Osama bin Laden, and I am really disappointed that our media stories make a fool look like a hero while making our service members who face death on a daily basis to preserve our freedom look like cold-blooded killers. In the latest story they presented to us tells us only one of the men at the compound where bin Laden died was armed. Which may or may not be true. Nevertheless, it’s no Big Deal. The SEAL’s were there to kill not capture. They were following orders. And to any rational thinking person, a warrior walking around unarmed when a battle is in progress simply means the terrorist thought they could get away before being captured or killed. There were weapons caches all around them, even in bin Laden’s bedroom. So all of them could have been armed to the teeth in a matter of seconds, but the newspaper stories never mention this fact. They only mentioned they were unarmed… indicating the SEAL team shouldn’t have killed them. After all, that would have been the humane thing to do wouldn’t it? Capture them and make a real media hero out of them. Since when does a warrior, if in fact he is a warrior as bin Laden is portrayed to be by our media, go into battle empty handed and leave his weapons behind? They don’t! Even a sorry warrior is more familiar with the body of his weapons than he is with the body of his spouse. His very life depends on that familiarity. So why were the terrorist not armed when they were living in a war zone with the elite forces of the most powerful nation on earth pursuing them; why were they walking around a house during an attack unarmed? And don’t even think they didn’t know they were under attack. They knew because they were all out of bed. Or, was Osama really stupid enough to believe he would never be found and thought it was just his friends having a party and firing off their guns? What about the sound of helicopters filling the night air with the whup whup whup whup of the rotating blades as they landed in the yard of the compound, and the noise created by the one that crashed? Did they not hear all that ruckus? They heard it and they knew they were under attack. And if they knew they were under attack, there is only one reason they were running around the house unarmed. They thought they could escape before being found.

Second, You cannot tell me there was no escape routes leading out of that compound. Who in their right mind would hem themselves in with 18 and 12 foot steel reinforced concrete walls with only one entrance to limit their ability to escape? I believe Bin Laden and his associates were found before they could escape and they paid the price. A credit to the quality of men we have in our military protecting the citizens of America. And you cannot convince me that bin Laden did not understand that if he was caught by Americans he would die because the world could not afford to let him live and maybe escape, or be let go by a court system that is out of control. No two ways about it, bin Laden was going to die; armed or not.

Third, I’m not convinced bin Laden was any thing more than a spoiled rich man who had been shunned by the royalty he wanted to be. A wannabe who struck back at the Saudi leaders thinking if he could get them involved in a war, the royal family might be killed or leave the country and he would be king. It had been done in many other middle eastern countries, why not Saudi Arabia? Osama bin Laden was a fool with a lot of money and who used his money to attract people to him who would hurt others and themselves for a slice of bread. He was a sham, his religion was a sham, he served no one but himself, his activities were nothing more than a cover for the hatred he had in his heart for those who thought differently than he did. Over time, his actions humiliated the Saudi’s and further alienated him from the royal family he desired to be a part of. He died far from his homeland with only two foreign patriots and a small part of his family with him. He didn’t die a martyr as he is being portrayed in the media, or go out in a blazing gun battle like some of our old outlaws did from days gone by. Osama bin Laden died an old man, a shell of his former self, an outcast of the society he desired to be a part of, a hunted man with no future and no place he could call home. He knew full well that sooner or later his luck would run out as it did on Sunday night last. If he didn’t understand there is no place in this world for people like him, he was not nearly as smart as our media people made him out to be.

And fourthly, there is speculation about what role bin Laden actually played in the Russian invasion of Afganistan. Some don’t believe he was really a warrior but rather a man with the means that could help them more by being out of the war zone than carrying a weapon. Personally, I don’t believe he was a warrior even though all the pictures you see of him show him firing a weapon or with weapons close by, much the same as in the televised video footage of Saddam Hussien and we all saw what kind of a warrior he was. The thug was found hiding in a hole in the ground, alone, and scared to death. If bin Laden had been a real warrior, he would have been the one charging the Americans, not his wife. And he would never have been caught without a weapon in his hand. He had plenty of time to get prepared to defend his home and his family. Not to mention, this was his chance to kill Americans up close and personal as he routinely asked those under him to do, but that isn’t what we are told took place. Everything we are told about this altercation indicates he did the exact opposite of what a battle seasoned warrior would do in the same circumstances, and I believe the only reason a warrior under attack would ever be found without his weapon in hand is when he is either scared silly, he is tired of fighting or running and wants someone to put him out of his misery, or he thinks he can escape undetected. Those are the only reasons for a warrior to be unarmed when a battle is in progress.

History tells us evil does not prevail over good. It may seem like evil prevails at time, but it is always for a short time; in the end every evil empire that has tried to dominate other men down through the ages are now nothing more than a few sentences on the pages of our world history books. The Khan dynasty I believe lasted longer than any other, but it too was eventually destroyed. So who did bin Laden think he was? The savior of the muslems. Or was he just a jealous outcast Saudi who couldn’t control his jealousy? It makes no nevermind what he thought he was, we now know he was just a man who let evil get the best of him, and he has now joined all the other has been wannabe’s in the grave who tried to make other people think they were something they were not. In just a few years, people will be asking, “bin who?” Never heard of him.

Don’t get me wrong’ I’m not down on bin Laden. He was a fool who made some very bad choices and he paid for his poor choices with his life. I’m down on the news media in our country for downplaying the role of our servicemen every chance they get by casting them in a bad light while playing up the role of our enemies. Bin Laden would never have been as popular as he was without their help. If it wasn’t for our news media giving him and his henchmen air time airing their evil works, they would have had no glory at all, and he would not have lasted as long as he did. The terrorist are nothing more than glory seekers, but glory doesn’t go to the vanquished, it goes to the victor and evil never wins. However, in the end, what our news media did to give bin Laden fame, just might have been the very thing that caused his demise. Life is funny like that. Men seek fame and glory, and when they get a dose of it, it is the very thing that destroys them because they aren’t strong enough to carry the weight of it. Live the best life you can now because life is short and will be over before you realize it; then comes the judgment. For bin Laden, his judgment came sooner rather than later. DThrash


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