Surviving The End Times

Just recently a man predicted the rapture would take place at a certain time on a certain day. Everything this man did was in contradiction to the Word of God. The bible clearly tells us, “No man knows the day or the hour when this event will take place.” However, Jesus did say when the event happens, life upon the earth would be like it was during the time of Noah. In other words there will be indicators to look for that tell us the time is drawing near. God has never hidden what His intentions are from us and Jesus went so far as to outline God’s plan for us in Matthew chapter twenty-four. I know men have said these events are so broad they could have been fulfilled some time during the past. But I personally believe we are entering the beginning stages of the end-times based upon what Jesus described for us in Matthew. I say this because we understand the closer we get to a city, the more road signs there are that tell us how much further we have to go. If we ignore those signs it does not prevent us from arriving at that city just as the sign told us we would. So it will be at the end of time. We can look for the signs of the Lord’s return, or we can ignore what He described for us, but that will not prevent the Lord from returning just as He promised. What we can do is make preparation to meet Him when He comes just as we do for the increase in the flow of traffic as we near a city. If we are as aggressive driving in city traffic as we are on the open road we are asking for trouble and it happens in a blink of an eye. The warning signs Jesus gave us are also fraught with danger for the unforgiven and worth their time to take notice of what is going on around them. Are you with me?

Jesus said the increase in natural disasters and wars and rumors of war are just the beginning of sorrows. If that is true and it is, then we can expect an increase in natural disturbances that will wreak havoc upon man and far surpass their ability to respond to them. However, Jesus told His disciples not to be afraid when we see these things happening. Why would He warn people of the coming disasters, and then tell His disciples not to worry? Because God is going to make a distinction between His people and those who are in rebellion against Him just as He did between the Israelites and the Egyptians in the Book of Exodus. The warning is to help people come to the place where they will voluntarily serve Him or pay the price for their rebellion. It is our choice. You can suffer if you want to, but you don’t have to. Jesus then quickly progresses into the time He described as ‘no man surviving’ if God did not cut the time short. (My paraphrase) For the majority of these people it is too late to come to Christ because they have sold out to a lying devil called the anti-Christ and his one-world government and his lying religious leader promising peace and safety. The only safety in this world is for the Christian whom God holds in the palm of His hand and from which no man can remove them.

I was once a sinner, a rebel, who lived life my way. Then it dawned on me despite the fact I had money, cars, lands, more women than I can remember and was making money hand over fist, my life was going no where. I made the decision I wanted to live, and when I did everything the devil had given me disappeared faster than I can say scat. But that didn’t matter to me because I had decided they couldn’t give me life any way, at least not the life I wanted. It would be a year later that I made a decision to follow Christ and when I did my life changed and now I do not have to be concerned about the disasters that are coming upon man. Therefore, I warn you and even beg you… get off the road you are travelling, do an about face, repent of your selfish nature and God Himself will put you on the right road, and you will miss all that is coming upon unrepentant man. DThrash


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