The Invisible Church

If it wasn’t for television and the high profile churches you see on television the world wouldn’t know much of anything about the modern day church. Even then people only see what the television producer intends for them to see. They don’t see the joy that comes from worshiping the Lord or the Holy Spirit working upon people during the message. All they see is what the television producer wants them to see, nothing more, then we wonder why the world isn’t beating down the doors of our churches to get inside.

I don’t know why or when Christians decided to move indoors out of the public eye, but it was one of the biggest mistakes the corporate church has made. Now that we have moved indoors out of sight of the very people God sent us to evangelize, they are left with nothing more than speculation about what we do behind those close doors. And when people are left to speculate, the devil will make sure what they hear doesn’t come anywhere close to resembling the truth. But we have no one to blame for our failures but ourselves.

Those multi-miillion dollar church buildings we gather in were never meant to be anything more than a place for us to get in out of inclimate weather. They were never meant to be a permanent dwelling place for the church and because we have made them such, the world is passing laws to forbid us from coming out from behind their walls. Surprise, surprise, we locked ourselves away from the world and the world is doing all they can to make sure we stay out of sight. We deserted the market place, and now the market place doesn’t want us. I can’t say that I blame them, but they need what we have and we need to get out from behind those closed doors and stained glass windows and get back to doing what God called us to do among the lost and the needy and do for them what God has commanded us to do. In Matthew 28 Jesus commanded us to go into all the world and preach the gospel. The world is made up of people… so the church is to go out among the people preaching or telling them the good news that God loves them and desires to free them of the hold Satan has upon their lives.

Jesus didn’t command the lost to come to us; He commanded us to go to them and we can’t do that if we never leave the confines of the church building to preach the gospel. Preaching or telling people the good news is the responsibility of every Christian. It isn’t just the responsibility of a few. The fields are always ripe and ready for harvesting Jesus said in John chapter 4. One or two people cannot harvest your city and there is no machinery to do the job for us. The Christian is God’s hands, feet and mouth on this earth, and it takes a multitude of people to bring in the harvest. If the harvest isn’t harvested… the harvest dies in the field and God will hold us responsible for failing to do our job assignment.

God never intended for us to become an invisible church. He intended for us to be seen and heard and to be an active organization that is alive in Him so we can do our work among the unbelievers. Let them scrutnize us and see what we are about. God never intended for us to hide behind four walls and stained glass windows where we learn to become pretend Christians. We are laborers in His fields and our job is to bring in the sheaves. Always has been, always will be. DThrash


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