Despise Not Small Beginnings

I have noticed that people when desiring to start a new work of some sort oftentimes think they need an abundance of money, talent, assistants, and so forth to make something succeed. That isn’t always true. Some of the greatest works in history began with just a single individual who had an idea and the ability to motivate other people into helping him make his dream become a reality.

Since I am a minister of the gospel, I will talk about God and how He grew the population of the world from a single being into what it is today. First came Adam, then God split Adam and made Adam and Eve, now there were two, then came Cain, then Abel, then Seth and daughters and the world began to be populated. Sometime later, God desired a person He could institute a covenant with to form a people He could call His own. He found Abram from whom came Isaac who fathered Jacob who had twelve sons and some daughters and grew into the nation of Israel. God desired a people He could live in and who would take His message to the nations, so He sent His Son into the world, who gained twelve disciples and they grew to 120 in number and later into a spiritual body and down through the ages, God’s people have increased in number to the tune of multiple millions of believers worldwide. No, it doesn’t take a lot to build something great if you have an idea, and the drive and wherewithal to see that dream through to its end.

If you are a Christian beginning a new work of some sort; let me encourage you, stay out of debt if at all possible, wait on the Lord, and do not be fearful of failing. If God gave you the idea, stick with it and God will not only provide the means to make it happen; He will provide everything you need to build a great work. The world population didn’t hit 5 billion in a single year, and your new work will not hit the limits of your dream until all things are in place to prevent it from failing. God’s Word tells us not to despise small beginnings. That means just as He began small in populating the world, finding a people to call His own, and forming a spiritual church; He can and will do the same for your new work if you do not give up and quit on Him. DThrash


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