God is a Good God, But He Isn’t Necessarily a Nice God

You might be thinking, “Aren’t all good guys, nice guys.” In a manner of speaking they are, but if they have owned a business they soon learned that nice guys get taken advantage of. I learned this valuable lesson the hard way. I was a nice guy and wanted to help everyone and trusted everyone would do the right thing by me because I was good to them when they needed help. And for a long time things seemed to work out, but there came a day when people began to take advantage of the nice guy part of me. This put me in a predicament I didn’t want to be in.

My business operating fund disappeared quickly when it seemed like over night people just stopped paying me for the services I performed for them. And by the time I realized these people were taking advantage of the nice guy part of me, I was neck deep in debt to the vendors who supplied the goods I used to meet the needs of the families I served. I hoped against hope some of these people would start paying, but they didn’t and still haven’t. Then I began to pray and talk to God about my debt problem; then one day the Lord said to me, “Why are you asking me to take care of your debt problem? I don’t have your money.” Well, this brought something to light about God that I had always misunderstood. I had always thought God was a nice God. Kind of like a sugar daddy. I believed if someone mistreated me, all I had to do was run to Him and He would jump right to it and take care of the situation for me. But when He said what He did to me, it dawned on me that God is a good God, but He isn’t always a nice God and He doesn’t get taken advantage of like I had. I realized if my problem was to be solved I was the one that would have to do something about my situation because God wasn’t going to.

So I began to search the scriptures and I found some interesting things in them. I learned that God expected those who came to Him for help to do certain things to receive from Him what they needed. He was not going to do all the work while they enjoyed the fruit of His labor. He expected people to meet His expectations and when they did, He fulfilled His obligation to them. So I began a new business policy. If my families wanted me to help them, they had to share in that responsibility and help me help them. I explained to all the families when they came to me for help that I needed x number of dollars by a certain date so I could fulfill their request. When they met my request, I fulfilled their needs, and it wasn’t long before I was out of debt.

Now there were some people who thought because I wouldn’t help them that I wasn’t any longer a nice guy. But I had learned the hard way that when people are not willing to work with you, they have no intentions of paying you what they owe you and will leave you with a debt you can’t collect. Needless to say, my losses have went way down. Oh, I still get fooled by someone I know from time to time, but they are few and far between. Unlike when I was nice guy trusting that everyone was honest and wanted to do the right thing.

What do you think? Does my expecting people to participate with me in fulfilling their needs mean I am no longer a nice guy? I don’t think so. I believe I am still a nice guy, but I am not a gullible nice guy like I used to be. I learned my lesson well the first time, but I might not have done so if God had not said to me what He did. That is when I learned that God is a Great God, a Good God, but He isn’t necessarily a Nice God. He doesn’t get taken advantage of. I figure if He operated in this manner and it worked for Him, it will work for me as well. So when we pray and ask Him to do something for us but we are not willing to help Him make it become a reality; we can forget about Him helping us. He won’t. When we fulfill His request, He fulfills ours. All of His promises are conditional. If we do this, He will do that. If we do nothing; He does nothing. That’s how it works in God’s kingdom and that is how I now operate my business. DThrash


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