Death and Dying

How many ways does the devil have of killing a person? As many as mankind will let him use. I work in the death industry and I own a funeral home of which the state requires me to complete and file a death certificate on each deceased person we do services for.

One day I was filing a death certificate on this particular deceased person as required by law and I noticed there was a list of five contributing factors that would of killed most people by themselves and of which ultimately led to this persons death, though they were not the immediate cause of death as listed on the death certificate. I also had in my possession documentation of the medications the person was taking. I counted ten, that’s right, ten prescribed medications all of which were powerful and expensive medications. So I wondered, how many of this persons medical problems were directly related to the medications they were taking.

We did not learn about any particular medication and their effect upon a living human body in mortuary school, but television advertising by pharmaceutical companies warn us that each of their medications have adverse side effects, and the list is generally long and in many cases the side effects are more dangerous to the persons health than the disease they are being treated for. If this were the case in the death of this person I am writing about, could we not say the side effects of the medicine they were taking was the real cause of death rather than the heart attack listed on the death certificate. The state says, “No!” Medicine cannot be listed as the cause of death because it is considered a treatment rather than the culprit that destroys the functionality of a vital organ that caused or causes the organ to stop working that is listed as the cause of death of the death certificate.

If we were to compare the organs in the human body to engine parts of a car motor and we put sugar in the gas tank of the car, it would cause engine damage so extensive the car motor will stop running. For all intents and purposes the car is the same as dead because it will not run or move on its own. Would the reason for the car engine not running be the fault of the engine part failure? No! The car stopped running because of the damage caused by the sugar in the gas tank. And according to the pharmaceutical companies, the pills they sell to the medical profession have the same effect upon the human body as the sugar does in the cars gas tank. Both the sugar and the medications cause serious problems that will stop the cars motor from running and the human heart from beating. So would we list the cars motor that stopped running as the cause of death for the car? No, we wouldn’t. The sugar in the gas tank caused the problem that prevented the cars engine from starting and running. Therefore, the sugar in the gas is the root cause of the cars death. In the automotive industry the culprit is associated with the problem and not the results of the problem. The mechanic traces the problem back to its source and fixes the source and the other parts affected, and when the source of the problem has been fixed, the car is good to go. If the automobile mechanic traces the engines problems back to the source and fixes the source; why do we as humans list the results of the problem as the cause of death and not the source of the problem? Doesn’t make sense to me except for the fact the pharmaceutical companies put a lot of money in the politicians coffers each year.

Cigarettes and booze are two more examples of a source of medical problems that need to be addressed by our government. Both kill thousands of people each year, do they not? So why does the government let companies sell products that kills off a portion of its population. Those person who get addicted to cigarettes and booze are weak willed people who self-ingest these deadly products without realizing they are killing themselves? They would not be in a position to obtain these things if they were not available to be partaken of. It seems to me if the government knows these things are dangerous to the health of its people and it was really concerned for their welfare as they say they are, they would ban the manufacture of these products. The reason they are not banned is the same reason the pharmaceutical companies are able to sell chemical products that cause secondary health problems that are more serious than the problem being treated. MONEY! If there is a way for a person to make a buck on something, they will do so even if it means the death of another person.

Death and dying are big business in this country. The more sick people there are, the more money the pharmaceutical companies make. The more people who use nicotine, drugs, and alcohol, the more profit the government makes in the form of taxes. That’s why you will never see alcohol, drugs, or nicotine listed as the cause of death on a death certificate. They are the source of the problem, but it will never be listed as such. The government only accepts the part that ceases to function as the cause of death. That way they can continue to profit and hobnob with the big whigs of these other death contributing industries. They make strange bed-fellows, but bed-fellows they are nevertheless. DThrash


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