Death Becomes Her

I wrote in my last blog on August 1st that I had a pet that was slowly dying. She died on August 3rd at 4PM. As I watched her through out the day her labored breathing became ever harder as the day passed. Earlier in the wee hours of the morning she had tried to get to her water bowl for a drink, but she just didn’t have the energy to get there. When she saw my light coming into the room and as I knelt down beside her and spoke to her; her tail wagged four or five times to let me know she knew I was present. As I slowly slid my hand across her head and neck and down her side I felt the thinness of her frail body and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. As I changed out her bedding and picked her up, I could feel the love flowing from her as it had for the past fifteen years or so. What a wonderful pet she had been all these many years. She was already potty trained when someone dropped her off at our house in the country. For years I have wondered why anyone would abandon a dog such as Sara. She was an absolutely adorable dog. If there is such as place as “Doggie Heaven” she would certainly qualify. My chilren are adults now, and my son who would give the impression he never cared much for her when she was alive was the first one there to help me get her ready for burial. Sometimes in death we discover just how much we really loved someone and would not admit it while they were living. I believe this was the case with my son. DThrash


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