Trust and Obey

Isn’t it amazing how a timely simple statement can make the saddest person happy? I have kind of been down in the dumps the last few days though I don’t know why. I have personally led two people to the Lord this week who came to my home seeking help and I have ministered to many others in word through my Sunday sermons and home bible study, but still I felt like something was missing. And just now as I was walking in from outside, the thought ran through my mind, “Trust and Obey and the Lord will make a way” for us to win over every situation that arises. A few years ago I learned that just because we don’t see anything happening in the natural realm in which we live does not mean there isn’t a battle going on in the spiritual realm into which we cannot see. Evil never takes a day off and neither does God. It is during these dry spells in life we all go through that we need to prepare ourselves for what is about to take place. It isn’t a time to take a break and slack off until we notice something is starting to happen around us. If we wait and do nothing to assist our angels in their ever present battle with Satan, we very well could be bombarded by problems that could take weeks, months, or even years in some cases to overcome them. I have done what I just described and I suffered the after effects of my inactivity. I do not want to see another person go through what I experienced three years ago if it can be prevented.

Instead of doing nothing, I should have been trusting and obeying and doing the things I knew to do and my troubles would not have been so great. I didn’t, and suffered tremendously because I thought if nothing was going on that I could see, then nothing was happening period. I was wrong. I dropped my guard and Satan slammed me with a financial problem that took several years to defeat. So when the Lord showed me what was taking place just a short while ago, I knew it was time to write it down in my notes and let others know that when the Lord says, to trust and obey, He really means for us to pray and prepare ourselves for what is about to happen. If we will do that for the Lord, He will take care of everything in the realm into which we cannot see. He’s our behind the scenes person. We take care of the things we can see and He takes care of things we can’t. He covers our back while we take His Good News to a dying world. We receive the reward, He receives the glory. It’s a win-win situation for both of us. Now that’s a great partnership don’t you think? He counts on us to do our part and we count on Him to do His. That’s faith and that’s how the kingdom of God works; and that is an unbeatable combination of what is and what isn’t seen working together that scares the living daylights out of Satan who has already been sentenced to hell for his crimes against God.

This next statement is going to be news to the devil worshiping crowd who think Satan is all-powerful… that he is someone worthy of our respect. Satan is going to light up hell like a roman candle. If people thought “Shock and Awe” lit up Bagdad, that was nothing compared to how God is going to light up hell with Satan for what he has done to mankind by deceiving them into going to that awful place with him. Your salvation was bought and paid for when Christ died for the sins of the whole world. Christ didn’t just die for the saints, He died for the sinner who does not yet know Him, (John 3:16) so you might as well accept God’s free gift of eternal life. If you do not accept your free salvation that has already been bought and paid for; you are choosing hell and eternal torment over heaven and that will be the worse decision you ever made. Death and hell with jaws open is waiting to swallow you up; accept God’s free gift and live. Trust and obey. It’s not that hard. DThrash


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