Dear God, When Will It All End?

Dear God, when will it all end? Shortly, dear ones, it will all end shortly. How can you be so sure? We have God’s Word on it. The newspapers headlines in our daily newspapers read, famines, droughts, wars, rumors of wars, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunami’s, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, excessive heat, and flooding. I haven’t mentioned murder, multiple killings, rape, thefts, lying, crime, police brutatity, child abuse, pedophilia, homosexuality, abortion, or any other such thing. However, all are on the increase. When will it all end? That’s a question many world leaders are asking. When their people ask tough questions such as this, they do not have answers. That’s because they do not consult God, neither do they read their bibles. Instead of consulting God concerning current events; they consult people who are wondering the same thing. These things are happening because mankind is making a feeble attempt to kick God out of the earth. I know that sounds kind of simple, but it’s the truth.

Now let me ask a question. Who is leading the charge to remove God from the earth? The answer may shock you, but who led the charge against God’s Christ during the days of Jesus? You are so bright. That’s right. The religious leaders of the day. The heathenistic Romans could have cared less about Jesus and what He was doing. It was God’s people, the Israelites, who thought if they could just kill Jesus, then all of His teachings would die with Him and they could continue life as they had for hundreds of years. They were wrong. God was visiting His people and making crooked paths straight, or He was setting things up for what was about to happen. He is doing the same today. He is setting things straight and religious men know something is in the wind and they do not like it because it means change is about to occur. Just like the Jewish priesthood in the days of Jesus did not want to relinquish control of the people to an upstart preacher named Jesus of Nazareth; religious men of today do not want to relinquish their control to God’s Holy Spirit because they profit from their positions at the expense of the majority.

The Jewish priesthood coerced Pilate, a Roman government official, into helping them by saying to him, “Crucify Him, crucify Him, and let His blood be upon our heads and the heads of our children.” (My paraphrase) Pilate, a Roman heathen, did what God’s people asked of him, and the earth soaked up the blood of Jews for two thousand years because of that dumb remark. They cried, they ran, they hid, they did everything they could to escape the long arm of God’s justice, but still their blood ran red and filled the streets and alley ways of many cities of this world and millions of them died from suffering some of the most horrific atrosities mankind has ever witnessed. Many of those same people who cried out to Pilate for the death of Jesus were themselves crucified on crosses and died the same horrible death as the one who came to make the crooked paths straight. Tom Hanks said in the movie Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.” It seems to me God’s people hasn’t gotten any smarter in the last twenty centuries. The religious zealots who call themselves tolerance-minded Christians has learned nothing from the mistakes of the religious Jews.

The natural catastrophies we see today are just a foretaste of what is about to take place according to Jesus and His account of the latter days in Matthew chapter twenty-four. Today, it is more than just the Jews who are trying to stop God’s word from going forth. Every nation on earth has been touched by the Word of God, and every nation that rejects His Word is going to be affected by what is about to take place and it isn’t going to be pretty. The liberal church of the religious minded is leading the charge against God this time and enlisting the aid of power hungry heathens to do their dirty work for them, but the Holy Spirit is here to once again separate God’s true church from the false one by making the crooked paths straight because another change is about to occur.

Our own country which was founded upon religious liberties now calls evil good and good evil and are passing laws to outlaw Christianity in an attempt to kick God out of America. God is not welcome in our schools, our local, state, and government buildings, and in many instances in our churches who deny the power of God and are enlisting the aid of our government in an attempt to quench the voice of the Holy Spirit. But try as they might they cannot remove Almighty God from our thoughts. Get ready folks; because God does not take things like this lying down… He is already beginning to push back a little here and a little there to get our attention, if He doesn’t get our attention with this light affliction, He will start pushing back more severely… and America and the rest of the world as we have known it will not resemble its former self.

God is a God who rewards the faithful and punishes the wicked, and when will man learn he makes a weak substitute for god because of his mortality. The life of man is like a flower; it blooms one day and dies the next, or a vapor which now is and is gone within seconds. God is eternal, we are dust of the earth. In our feeble attempt to defeat God, we write laws on paper thinking our paper laws will push God out. Dumb. God writes His laws upon the hearts of men where it is plainly seen by the life we live. God laws are eternal and will never pass away. The laws of man change when the next generation of men comes to power. World leaders know the times are changing. The end of time is close at hand. Something new is about to take place. When God’s people complete their rejection of the Holy Spirit; mankind will have completed their rejection of the Godhead. During the days of Noah man rejected the Father, during the times of Jesus, man rejected His Christ, and during our time, men are rejecting the Holy Spirit and when the last man that will be saved is saved and completes the body of the Bride of Christ, the change will occur and all the crooked paths will have been made straight forever and those folks who fought against God aren’t going to like the changes that are coming. DThrash


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