The Sinners Salvation

The words ‘sinner and salvation’ doesn’t seem to go together, but in the mind of God they are synomomous with one another. A sinner is a person who is a rebel, a law-breaker, a criminal, who is worthy of the harshest punishment while salvation means to be rescued, forgiven, pardoned, set apart from the punishment. The bible tells us that all people have sinned, (Romans 3:23) not one is righteous. (Romans 3:10) What that means is that all are worthy of the harshest of punishments, but thanks be unto God that when Christ died, He died for all sinners, everywhere. What that means is that when Christ died for the sins of all, He paid for the salvation of everyone, everywhere. (Romans 5:8) None excluded. That means not only the saints, but those who are yet sinners.

Since our salvation is a free gift, we must accept it as such and move forward. We cannot purchase something that is free and God’s free gift to mankind is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord. What separates the sinner from the saint is the sinner has not yet accepted their free gift. That’s why it’s important for those who have already received their free gift to tell the sinner what they are missing out on. God’s free gift covers every aspect of our life from health to wealth and soundness of mind. The things all sinners desire but won’t find in a world where people don’t know the difference between good and evil. When evil is reported as good and good is reported to be evil that is the epitomy of confusion. Up is down and down is up in a topsy-turvey world where the lives of people spin out of control because they do not yet know that God has given them a free gift that will turn their world right side up, remove the confusion from their clouded minds so they can think clearly and see things as they really are.

Our free gift from God is better than waking up on Christmas morning to discover a present under the tree with our name on it from a person we have never met. And just because we don’t know the gift giver, we ignore the gift. However, unbeknownst to us hidden beneath the wrapping paper of our gift was a gift card worth a billion dollars? A billion dollar gift that would have taken care of all of our needs with plenty left over for us to enjoy the rest of our life. That gift would have changed our lives forever, but because we didn’t know the gift giver and weren’t curious enough to open our gift, we continue to live on barely-get-along-street complaining about how unfair life is to us and cursing everyone for our poor state of affairs. While the unknown gift giver sits in amazement watching our life progress downward spiraling out of control, knowing our life would have changed dramatically had we just accepted his free gift and opened it.

That’s how God views the sinner who has yet to open his free gift. He wonders why a person would pass up His free gift to struggle through life never knowing all their problems would have been solved had they opened His gift and put it to work in their life. Unfortunately there are about three and a half billion or more unclaimed free gifts people have not yet accepted that would not only change their lives, but would change the future of the whole world. What a shame! I am amazed that people can so easily be blinded by a fool (Satan) and really think this confused world we live in has anything to offer them besides trouble. DThrash


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