My Daddy Walked Upright

I’m somewhat smarter than I used to be and a little less dumb if you know what I mean. Age and experience does have a way of causing us to be more aware of our surroundings. For example, I loved being out of doors in the woods that surrounded the little town I grew up in. I learned from my father how to tell one tree from another, and one plant from another, which ones were good to eat and which ones weren’t. But despite knowing all these things I never once thought about how these things came to be where they were and why some were good to eat while others weren’t. I would be much older and a Christian before I realized all things had someone who made them what they are and what their reason for being would be. I’m not just a by-product of an accident and neither was those trees and plants. Each thing God created was made to serve a purpose in life just as the things the inventor invents is made to serve their fellow man in some way or the other. The inventor had a plan for his invention. If there was no plan or a need for his invention the thing would have never gotten off the drawing board and so it is with man. God made us to serve a specific purpose in His kingdom; to fulfill a specific role; if it were not so, there is no reason for our being and no purpose to fulfill.

Are we just the grandchildren of monkeys with no specific purpose in life other than to destroy our home and our habitat? I don’t think so. We have a reason for being and that reason is to bring joy and honor to our creator the same as it is with our own children. Nothing saddens the heart of a parent more than having disobedient children who disgrace their good name. Does that mean we stop loving them? No. It just means they hurt us deeply, but we will forgive them if they forego their disrespectful ways and make amends for the harm done. That is how God treats His children and that same instinct is built into His children. Love and honor comes with rewards, but disgrace and shame leads to separation. We became separated from God through Adam’s sin, but Jesus reconciled us to the Father through His death. Thus if we ask the Father to forgive us in the name of His Son for our trespasses against Him, we are forgiven and everything is made right between us. That is Salvation. All is forgiven and all is forgotten as though nothing ever separated us. He then shows us our reason for being and what our purpose is in life and it wasn’t to swing through the trees making screeching sounds and scratching ourselves. I don’t know about you, if this is where you think you came from, maybe you did have a monkey for an uncle, but I know where my uncle’s came from, and I also know all of them walked upright even though they loved the great outdoors. DThrash


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