Are You Prepared to Receive Your Miracle?

To receive a miracle we must prepare ourselves to receive one. To prove this point let me use a story found in the gospel of John chapter 5 in which a man has been placed beside the pool of Bethesda by a friend or family member in hopes that the paralytic might be the first to enter the pool which at certain times was stirred up by an angel and the first person into the pool received their healing.

One day Jesus came into the pool area and went to this man and asked him a simple question. “Do you want to be made well?” The man said to Jesus, “Sir, I have no one to help me into the pool. While I am coming another steps down before me.” Jesus said to the man, “Take up your bed and walk.”

Every time this man had made an attempt to get into the pool; he was preparing himself to receive his miracle. Did he understand that was what he was doing? I doubt it. But the story tells us all those times he thought he had failed was actually preparing him to receive his miracle when it came.

This man believed he would be healed if he could beat everyone else into the pool after the stirring by the angel and he was quick to respond when Jesus asked him, “Do you really want to be made well?” This man knew his day for a miracle had arrived and he got up from his bed of sickness and carried that bed home with him.

How many of us realize that all those times we think we are failing even though we tried with all of our might to accomplish our mission on our own is actually times we are preparing ourselves to receive our miracle? And if we don’t need a miracle there are plenty of people around us who does. It could be a friend, family member, a neighbor or someone who lives in a close proximity to us, but someone is in need of a miracle today, and as a Christian we have been provided with everything we need to provide those miracles for them. If you don’t think so then let’s look at Mary, the mother of Jesus and what she did for an embarrassed married couple at their wedding feast.

In John chapter 2 Jesus and His disciples are at a wedding feast given in honor of some friends. Mary the mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no wine.” Now this was an embarrassing situation for this couple. Either they underestimated how much wine they needed, or they underestimated the number of guest that would come. Either way they ran out of wine. Jesus said to His mother, “What concern is that of mine?” She said to the servants standing nearby, “Do whatever He tells you to do.” They did, and Jesus turned the water into wine for the newlyweds.

Mary did not need a miracle for herself, but her friends did, so she interceded for them and told the servants to do whatever Jesus told them to do. She not only got involved in this miracle but she recruited as many people as were necessary to see that the miracle this newlywed couple needed came about. Mary couldn’t turn the water to wine, but she knew the one who could so she used the knowledge she had to cause this miracle to happen. We can do the same if we have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is not a respecter of persons and will do a miracle for anyone if they prepare themselves to receive one. DThrash


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