Holy Spirit Power

On the day Jesus Christ ascended into heaven in Acts 1:8, He left His disciples with this message, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Jesus told His disciples in this story they would receive power when He left the earth. Up until that time that power had been contained in Him and to whom He designated it. Holy Spirit Power would become the power that would strengthen them during difficult times to be witnesses for Him. He told them where they would start and where they would go. They were to begin in Jerusalem and finish when they had gone to the ends of the earth. However they would remain powerless until the Holy Spirit came upon them some fifty days after His ascension.

Do you wonder as I do, why today’s church is powerless? I have come to the conclusion we are lacking Holy Spirit Power and are trying to do God’s work using our own strength. If the church was as full of Holy Spirit Power as they proclaim, the church would be witnesses for Christ Jesus and the works Jesus did among the people would follow their witness.

If we are not seeing new converts and miracles it is because the Holy Spirit is not empowering us. If the Holy Spirit was present in our modern day churches they would be robust institutions with every kind of miracle known to man taking place in them instead of the powerless, frustrated, sin filled institutions they have become. And if the church was full of Holy Ghost power they wouldn’t have to hold bake sales and the like to keep their doors open.  I have heard if there is fire in the stove; people will come in out of the cold to get warm. If the church is full of the Holy Ghost, people will come on their own to hear God speak to them. And if the doors of our churches aren’t being beaten down by sinners to get into the place where God speaks; it is because God isn’t there for them to hear. Since God desires to indwell His church body; why do we not invite Him in?

We may fool each other into thinking we are doing God’s work, but we do not fool those who need help. They know the church is a broken institution and can’t meet their needs. So instead of coming to the people who are suppose to have the answers, they go to men whom at his very best can only place a band-aid on their problems. The church is frustrated, society is frustrated, and neither have any joy because the Holy Spirit is nowhere to be found.

It’s a doggone shame because God wants to be in our churches meeting all the needs of the hurting, but in most churches our program schedule don’t leave room for God to minister. So the parishioners go home in the same condition they came; sick, broke and frustrated. And that isn’t going to change until the church repents of its sin; then the Holy Spirit Power Jesus talked about in Acts 1:8 will come upon us. DThrash

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