America Under Attack!

I watched a video taped 25 years ago by a news agency who conducted an interview with a former Russian KGB agent who had defected to America. During the interview the KGB officer outlined the steps a communist plan follows to take over a country. Now keep in mind he gave this interview before the Berlin Wall fell and the dismantling of the communist party in Russia. While listening to this gentleman speak I learned two things. (1.) He was talking about a communist take over of America, but he was actually outlining for us how Satan plans to overthrow the church, and (2.) Men make plans to conquer other men, but they don’t have a clue as to who the real players in the game of life are.

He said, “America was at a point that it would take 35 years for America to reverse the course it was on.” And that America is the last great bastion of true freedom in the world. If America falls to communism so does the rest of the world.”

In this the KGB agent was partially correct. A problem is not corrected overnight, and if America should fall, so would the rest of the free world. The thing this gentleman and the communist fail to understand is it is God they are fighting against, not America. Jesus told us plainly; “The gates of hell will not prevail against the church which is the Lord’s body on earth.”

He said, the first step in the communist plan was Destabilization. He said this Destabilization stage began in America with the rebellion of its youth initiated by the drug culture of the sixties and fed by radical professors in our schools of higher learning. Commencing with peaceful sit-in demonstrations followed by demonstrations of a more radical and violent nature which forced our government to move toward a more progressive and politically correct form of government.

The second stage the KGB agent described was Normalization. The process of making abnormalities appear normal brought about by political unrest and a steady stream of lies fed to the people by government useful idiots. The educational systems and media outlets gray the line between right and wrong to make abnormal appear to be normal and vice-versa. What is evil becomes good and what is good becomes evil and anyone who disagrees with their ideology is singled out and attacked by the media.

In the third stage of which I forgot its name; a financial crisis is declared and money is moved from the hands of businesses and the common man to the hands of government by cooked up schemes and lies by people of influence to pay for programs that are at best a theory, and in most cases an outright lie designed to defraud business and people out of their money.

Does this not sound like what is happening in America today. Without doubt Satan is making inroads into our government, thus setting the stage for a showdown between man and God. Change is coming but not the change man desires. People may not realize this but God uses difficult times to purify His people; and in doing so, He is getting the church ready for His return.

Near the end of the third stage; tattle-tale spies are everywhere in every city, village and town ready to report any suspicious person who may talk against the take over. At some point in this process, the common man rebels against the government which gives them the opportunity to kill off the people who have been identified as speaking out against them. And as the end of stage three draws near; the useful idiots who helped the leaders of this push get what they want realize they have been duped and are no longer needed. And when they see what is happening to their former friends and supporters, they feel ashamed knowing they had a part in their demise, and they start to complain; then, they too are put to death, and all opposition to the communist take-over is now under control.

In stage four, government now control the financial institutions, military, media outlets, and have disarmed the citizens leaving only two classes of people; those who govern and those who are slaves. That which the KGB agent called the last great bastion of freedom isn’t America; it’s the church. The finances that support the work of God flows through the hands of the church and from there to the rest of the world. It just so happens that the headquarters of the Lord’s Body on earth is in America and that is what Satan is after.

You would think after all this time the devil would realize; the body of Christ is made up of people who will not bow down to him, communism, socialism or any other scheme he concocts. Just because his scheme have worked in unbelieving countries where the church was for all intents and purposes religious, faithless, and nonexistent; it will not work with the true body of believers. The most Satan can do to the church is kill their physical body, he cannot touch that which makes us a believer, and he can’t kill the body without God’s approval.

In truth, the only thing Satan will accomplish in these last days is seen in the Book of Acts. In the first century when the church was at its weakest and just getting started; Satan tried to destroy it just like he is trying today by persecuting it using death and imprisonment as means to accomplish his ends; but the only thing Satan really accomplished was to cause the the Lord’s Church to spread across the known world preaching the gospel and turning the world upside down for God. That was God’s plan to get His Word out of Jerusalem to the outermost parts of the world. Satan thought it was his idea, but he is nothing but a dumb devil who fails to understand he is nothing more than a tool in the hand of God. Always has been; always will be.


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