Come and See

In John chapter 1, Andrew, the brother of Peter heard John the Baptist say that Jesus is the “Lamb of God.” So when Andrew saw Jesus out walking one day, he began following Him, and when Jesus stopped; Andrew asked Him where He was staying, and Jesus said to him, “Come and see.” And Andrew followed Him.

This is the way Andrew met Jesus and it worth noting Andrew did five things that brought him into a close relationship with the Lord. (1) He heard of Jesus, (2) He began following Jesus, (3) He caught the attention of Jesus, (4) He stated his purpose to Jesus, and Jesus said to him, “Come and see” and (5) Andrew went to see where Jesus was staying.

As you know, Jesus is no longer on the earth in body form so we can stop running here and there trying to find Him. He isn’t here; He is with His Father in heaven; and if we want to see the place where Jesus is staying, we will have to go to heaven to see it. Andrew was so excited about finding where Jesus was staying that he ran home and told his brother Simon, “I have found the Messiah.” And this is our whole mission on earth. “Seek the Lord while He may be found;” and go tell our family and friends, “We have found the Lord.” DThrash


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