The village Idiots

A couple of days ago a story appeared on the internet about a lady in Philadelphia who was feeding the hungry children of her neighborhood. The story does not say she was blocking traffic or being a nuisance. But it does say she was using her driveway as a meeting place for the hungry children to come and eat their meal. Later in the news article we are told the city was ordering her to stop feeding these hungry children because one neighbor complained and she had not purchased a variance permit from the city which would cost her a thousand dollars. When Bill Clinton was president, his wife said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” If that statement is true; where are the village idiots in this story?” The answer to that question is pretty obvious don’t you think… they are holding the hungry children of this neighborhood hostage until they receive a thousand dollars from this lady. Read the full story at the following link. Just copy and paste it into your address bar.


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