Flag of Our Fathers


I am one of the few. I am proud. I am an American veteran and I am a Christian. As the remnants of hurricane Isaac pass over head this flag has stood the test of time. It has waved proudly on land, on the sea, on the moon, stood tall during battles, just as it has waved proudly in the yards of Patriotic Americans for over two centuries. Americans have bled for it and died for it and followed it through the hell of many wars to defend it. It has been trampled upon, spit upon, and burned; but yet it stands as a beacon of light. It does not fear the night, the weather, the coming battles, nor the terror in this world. It is hated and it is loved. And given all that it has been through, it still stands as a beacon of light to all those who come to our shores seeking life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Its colors are God inspired, God blessed, and captures the heart of every freedom loving person in this dark and evil world. 


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