My wife gave a wonderful teaching on the life of Jehoshaphat on Sunday, September 2nd at Second Chance Ministry in Olney. She pointed out that Jehoshaphat did several things that caused the God of Judah to place His hand upon his time as king and on the people of Judah. 1. He was obedient to God to the best of his ability. 2. He appointed men to teach the people God’s Law. 3. He set up an early warning system by building fortified cities around Judah. 4. He set up a judicial system for the complaints of the people to be heard. 5. When trouble in the form of a large army came upon them, he sought the Lord God. 6. He proclaimed a fast throughout all of Judah and praised God for who He was and for what He had done for Judah in the past believing that if He had helped them in the past He would do so again. 7. He prayed unto God making his request known unto Him. 8. He waited to hear from God before acting and God gave him clear instructions on what, when and where to perform His instructions. 9. Jehoshaphat sent out before his army the Levites singing praises unto the Lord, singing, “Praise, ye, the Lord, for His mercy endures forever,” and God gave them a great victory over their enemies and they never had to lift a hand. 10. It took Jehoshaphat ¬†and the army of Judah 3 days to remove the gold, silver, and booty from the battlefield to the Valley of Berechah which means the Valley of Blessing. 11. The people of Judah returned home to the temple with great joy rejoicing in the Lord all the way. Their victory began at the temple in Jerusalem with a prayer and ended in the same place with a great victory. If we were to read the story of Jehoshaphat and follow his lead; the church might just learn the proper way we are to interact with our God and how to win the battles we face in our country, states, cities, churches, homes and even in ourselves. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? DThrash


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