The End is Upon Us

As we draw farther away from the advent of the arrival of the Holy Spirit on earth the hearts of men become more depraved just as they did after the fall of Adam and the great flood. Adam had a great life until he sinned. Adam and Eve then lost everything. They lost their Garden of Eden, they lost their relationship with God, and they were left alone to deal with the results of their sin. However there was a few men who refused to live their life like everyone else lived theirs. Noah was one of them. God told Noah to build an ark because the end of mankind was upon them because the thoughts of their hearts were evil. Noah built an ark and God saved Noah, his wife, and his three sons and their wives. Everyone else died in the great flood. So ended the rejection of the Father.

Between the flood and the arrival of Jesus, the Lord God chose a race of people to be His very own, but after some time their hearts turned cold toward Him. They practiced a form of religion but only to the extent it benefited them. Jesus is the Son of God, the covenant maker in behalf of God’s people; came and lived among God’s people for thirty-three years and they killed Him. Thus ended the rejection of God’s Son and our Christ. Then the Holy Spirit came into the world and His job is to point men to Christ that the world might be saved. Within forty years after God’s son was killed; God’s people lost the temple they loved so much and their homeland and for the next two thousand years they suffered unbelievable atrocities against themselves because of their past evil actions.

It has been a little over two thousand years since the Holy Spirit set foot on the earth, and just like in past ages; with the passing of time the hearts of men have grown ice cold and the thoughts of their hearts are only on evil. Because man is rebelling against God’s Holy Spirit who is here in search of a bride for God’s Son; God has loosed a Spirit of Deception into the earth to deceive as many people as will be deceived; and the rejection of the ministry of the Holy Spirit is approaching its climax. Time as we know it is winding down. When the last person making up the Bride of Christ is born again; the ministry of the Holy Spirit will be complete and God will pour out His wrath on the earth in such measure that Jesus, God’s Son said, “Unless those days were shortened; no man would survive.” This time period is known in scripture as the Great Tribulation Period of mankind.

With the rejection of the Holy Spirit, the three persons making up the God Head will have been rejected by men; each of them in their own dispensation. First the Father, then the Son, and now God the Holy Spirit; and when the rejection is complete, the end will come; and evil man will disappear from the face of the earth just as they did after the flood. God is patient but He has never let evil go unpunished and He will not let this present evil generation go unpunished either. So what kind of person should you be from this point forward? You can live to enjoy your eternity or you can die in your stupidity and go to hell. Or, you can repent, ask God’s forgiveness and go to heaven. The choice is yours. It has always been your choice. God does not sentence people to hell. He lets us choose hell or heaven as our eternal resting place. So that when you stand before the Lord to be judged; you will not be able to point a finger at anyone else and say, “They made me do it.” No one makes you do anything. You choose to do what you do because you want to and for no other reason. Isn’t it time you made a good choice for once. Stupid people think hell is a party place. The devil knows better. He hates the idea of going to hell. For him it is too late, but not so for you. Stupid people do stupid things because they are stupid. That’s right. Stupid people make stupid decisions because they don’t know how to make any other kind of decision but a stupid one. And choosing eternal torment over eternal happiness is as stupid as it gets. God who made hell for the devil tells us in the story of the “Rich Man and Lazarus’; hell is a place of eternal torment where there will be constant weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth and from which there is no escape. I really don’t think that’s the place you want to spend your eternity. DThrash


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