The Seed

People are familiar with seeds. People plant them, eat them, make other things out of them such as peanut butter, etc. People are familiar with the intended purpose of seeds. If we plant a seed in the ground and watch over it; that seed will sprout and grow into a plant producing many more seeds just like the one planted. However, people don’t realize the kingdom of God operates on the same principle as the planting of seeds. Jesus reiterated this line of thought in Luke 8:11 in which He said, “The seed is the Word of God.” So if Jesus is correct and there isn’t any reason to believe He is not because He was the Word of God in fleshly form when He was on the earth; then when we hear the Word of God preached to us it comes into our ear in seed form. It must be planted in the good soil of our heart if it is to produce a harvest of faith in our life. And just like natural seeds if we do not watch over them they may or may not come up. The Word of God in seed form follows that same principle. We must water the Word of God with more Word and nourish it with yet more Word and it will produce faith in God. Isn’t that what we all want and need to live in this  present evil world. DThrash


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