The Hard Road

Why do some people have such a hard time with their Christian walk and other seem to walk a much easier road? It’s not that either road is an easy road to travel, but the things we say and the things we do can make that road much more difficult for us. The degree of difficulty of our walk with the Lord has everything to do with the life we live. This includes the words we speak to ourselves and others and the things we do to one another. Why do you say that? Based upon the Golden Rule which is a law in the kingdom of God states in Luke 6:31, “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” This is a spiritual law that governs events in both the spiritual and natural world. Whatever we do to people and especially Christians whether good or bad will come back upon us during our Christian walk.

When we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins and save us from our just punishment of eternity in hell; our spirit is renewed. Our flesh does not get saved and it will not be saved until we are resurrected from the grave and given a new body. God has given to each of us the responsibility of overcoming our spiritually induced fleshly desires. This means we are tempted by evil spirits to give in to our fleshly desires. If we give in to them we must deal with them. God is not going to overcome our fleshly desires for us. God has given us authority over the devil and He expects us to use that authority to defeat Satan. Notice in Matthew 10:1 Jesus gave His disciples power over Satan to deal with the spiritually induced problems Satan had caused in the fleshly bodies of those whom His disciples were sent out to minister to. Satan does not attack us in our born-again spirit. He attacks us in the flesh which can lead to death, and if we allow Satan to control our fleshly desires; we must live with them and risk the possibility of dying from them as well as losing our salvation because of our failing to do as God commands us.

If we do good to people, good will come to us. If we do evil to people, we can expect evil to come calling on us. Our every word and every action is a seed planted, and every seed planted is going to produce a harvest. And some seeds produce a bigger harvest than other seeds. It all depends upon the kind of seed planted as to how long it will be before it produces fruit, and for how long it will produce its fruit. For example; a grain of wheat will produce a shaft of wheat in 90 days, but an acorn takes years to produce and will produce acorns for a hundred years or more. Our previous action will determine how long it will take for that action to run its course in our life.

If we have done evil to another person we can go to them and ask them to forgive us for the evil we did to them. They don’t have to forgive us and some may not, but then others might. It is not whether they forgive us that is important, but rather that we are obedient to do as the Lord requires of us. Let us use the Apostle Paul as an example: Before his salvation, he beat, maimed, killed, and imprisoned Christians just because they held a different belief than he did. After his conversion, he was beaten, imprisoned, left for dead and eventually killed for his Christian beliefs. The things he suffered in his Christian walk was precisely what he did to God’s children before his salvation experience. So we see the Golden Rule at work in the Apostle Paul’s life. Without doubt he went to many of these people and asked them to forgive him for the things he had done to them, but he still suffered because he caused suffering.

I do not believe Paul complained about his hardship and I don’t believe he ever fell away from the Lord because of the hard road he had to travel. I do believe the hardness of our road boils down to our understanding of how God operates in His kingdom and our responsibility to Him to fulfill our calling in life. Some people never find their calling and have a hard time understanding why the road they travel seems to be so difficult; while others never question their journey and I believe it is directly related to how much time each person spends in the Word to learn from God how His kingdom works. DThrash


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