Who is a Liar

Most people do not see themselves as being a liar, but most people are. I know you will find that statement hard to believe, but whether you believe it or not it’s a true statement. How do I know it is true? I find in the Word of God a scripture that is time tested that verifies this fact. The scriptures says beginning in 1 John 2.22 “Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is anti-christ who denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also.” 

Now let’s break these scriptures down to where we can understand what the Apostle John is saying. First, let us look at the meaning of the word ‘Christ’; then we will learn how we deny Christ. What does the word Christ mean? Christ means Savior. Now let’s look at how Christ became our savior. (1) He shed His blood for the remission of our sins, (2) He took upon Himself stripes for our healing, (3) He became poor that we might become rich, (4) He bore the crown of thorns so we don’t have to have a sick mind, and (5) He went to hell in our place so we wouldn’t have to face the punishment we deserve and (6) He came out of the grave victorious over death, hell and the grave. He conquered them all in our behalf.

If we really believed Christ accomplished all these things for us through His death; we would apply His teachings to our life. When we do not walk in the things He died for in our behalf; we are saying to Him, “What you did for me wasn’t enough.” If what Christ accomplished through His death was good enough for the Father; it should be good enough for us; don’t you think?

When we go to someone other than God to get our needs met; we are saying to the Lord, “What you did wasn’t enough.”  Then off we go to man or to some magic place where miracles are supposedly happening to get our physical, mental, and spiritual needs met? Fools! Christ fulfilled our every need in every area of life so we could have victory in every area of life. If this is true, and it is; why do men suffer in these different areas of their life? They are simply looking for help in the wrong places. Man cannot fix the problems Christ took care of permanently through His death. Men could not solve their problems before Jesus came. Why do we think we can fix them now? And this is the crux of the problem for man. We do not understand that the whole purpose of Jesus dying the death He did was to personally take care of the root cause of all of our spiritual, mental and physical problems. After Christ came, died, and rose again; all we have to do is accept the fact He did it for us.

We can see sickness, poverty, and mental instability with our natural eyes, but they are not the problem, they are only the results of a much deeper problem. And when man focuses on treating the results of a problem, he leaves the source of the problem untouched? Men attempt to fix our problems by cutting away the flesh of ill people; and locking people away behind thick walls who are weak in their minds; and sending people to counseling to get their spiritual needs met? Can any of these methods do for us what Jesus did for us? No. But they can open doors to a score of more serious problems because the root cause of our problem is never removed. No matter how deep men cut to remove a problem, or how thick the walls are we put people behind, or how many counselors we meet with; we never get to the root of the problem and as long as the root exists; the problem lives on.

God help us understand the work of the Son was complete. We cannot add to it, but we can enjoy the fruit of His labor. How! The Father sent His Son to take care of the part of the problem we can’t see just so we wouldn’t have to experience the pain of the results. When we do not put into practice the things Jesus Christ accomplished for us; we do so because we do not believe He did what He came to do and that is the same as calling Jesus a liar. When we call Jesus a liar, we are calling the Father a liar who supervised the work of His Son. All liars are against Christ because they speak words opposite of what the Father says happened the fateful day His Son died. That makes that liar an anit-christ and no one who is against Christ shall inherit eternal life. Whoever is for God believes God and follows God’s instructions. Those who are not for Him, do not follow His instructions. The end of the book of Revelation tells us, “If anyone adds to; or takes away from God Word or God’s account of the events that unfolded; let him be accursed.”  DThrash


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