God Did Not Spare The Ancient World

Genesis 6:5 & 6(a) NKJV “Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth…” Verse eleven of this same chapter tells us, “The earth was corrupt and was filled with violence.”

God hates evil because it is so unbecoming of His highest creation. Man was not created to lie, cheat, steal, curse, kill and maim, he was created to reflect the glory of God. But men love wickedness more than they love their life, and because God hates what man has become, “He is going to destroy this present earth with fire for the same reason He destroyed the ancient world by water.” He is going to remove the stain of sin from His creation once and for all when this new world is destroyed.

The difference between the two methods God has and will use is water cleans and fire purifies. When something is cleansed with water the object remains but the filth is removed, but when a thing is purified by fire, the old is made brand new because all the impurities are removed from the object. Take for instance a gold nugget is coated with dross, but after purification rites has been accorded to it during the smeltering process, the dross is removed and pure gold is left behind which can then be minted into a thing of great beauty and of great value such as a gold bar, a piece of gold jewelry or gold coins.

If the people of the ancient world would have really believed the earth was going to be destroyed because of their evilness; they would have lived better lives. But because they loved being evil they made fun of Noah, the preacher of righteousness; and they paid the price for their unbelief. And if the people of this new world really believed God is going to do it again; would they not live better lives?

God gave us recorded history to help us understand evil will not be allowed to live in God’s creation. If it wasn’t for the fact that God gave man free will to choose his own destiny, this earth would have been toast a long time ago. People of the ancient world learned they could not live life any way they wanted to in a creation not of their making. But they didn’t realize how wrong they had been until the rain started to fall and the door of the Ark had been shut. Sinner, it’s time to wake up now. The time when God will purify the earth by fire is drawing closer with each passing day. If you love your life; now is the time to get it right because when God says, “Today is the day evil pays”; it will be too late to change your mind. DThrash


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